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By "being dominant," I don't mean you get to be berating or controlling. I mean you have to take charge of what you talk about with your girl.

Just like customers ask the girls the same thing over and over again, the girls will ask the customers the same things over and over again too. It's an auto-pilot response they develop after they've been dancing for a while. When you hear questions like:

"Want a dance?" "What's your name?" "Where you from?" "What do you do?"

If she's asking you these questions, she's trying to treat you like any other customer. And should you actually answer and of these questions - BOOM! You're right in that dreaded "customer" category and no longer "Stripper Boyfriend" material.

Here's how you get around this:

You have to take control of the conversation. Because if you answer her questions and allow her to dictate what you talk about, you're never going to show her that you're Stripper Boyfriend material, you're just going to be trapped into saying the same crap every other customer says.

So what do you do when she comes up to you and says "Would you like a dance?"

If you say "Yes," you become a customer, and as a customer, you will not turn her into a girlfriend, because Strippers DO NOT DATE CUSTOMERS.

If you say "No," you come off as being broke or stingy. So what's the answer to this?

Simple. You just change the subject. You start being dominant and you control the conversation with her.

Start talking about something, ANYTHING other than whether or not you want a dance.

Here's a line I used one day just for kicks. Stripper: "Want a dance?"

Me: "Oh my God, you look like you like cats. Do you like cats?" (note: almost all Strippers love cats) Stripper: "Um, yeah."

Me: "My cat Arnold died today. I'm so sad."

Before I knew it, this cat loving Stripper was comforting me talking about a cat she lost a few years back and how sad it made her. Before you knew it, all thoughts of whether I wanted a dance were out the window.

Now, of course I didn't have a cat, and it certainly didn't die, but that didn't matter. What mattered was I became dominant and got her to talk about what I wanted, not what she wanted.

If she asks you "What do you do?" tell her "I don't want to talk about work. I wish I was an astronaut, then I could walk on the moon. You ever want to walk on the moon?" or something like that.

That's the secret to being dominant. Every time they try to lead you down one of their paths to customer land, cut them off and have them walk your path into your world.

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