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I once read about how all casinos are designed to get you to stay inside so you'll gamble more money. They make the exits hard to find and there are no clocks anywhere, and all that jazz. But the bottom line is, they rig everything so that you are at a disadvantage.

Strip clubs function in much the same way.

These clubs, by their very nature, are engineered to get your money away from you. And the girls are the main attraction (and main money sucker).

Because of this, inside the Strip Club, it's the girls who have all the power. They're the ones on stage, they're the ones who call the shots, they're the ones who create the fantasy. Inside the club, every girl is a 10 on the bachelor's scale, even if they don't look like it.

Understand, you can have a girl that's fat and old who's still stripping, and even though you might rate her a 3, in the club, her attitude is that of a 10.

So you must treat all the girls you meet in the club like you would an extremely beautiful woman.

What do I mean by this? Well, I'll tell you what I don't mean.

I DON'T mean you get down on your knees and worship her as a goddess. I DON'T mean you bend yourself to her will. I DON'T mean that you do whatever it is she says.

In fact, I'd say you need to do the exact opposite.

Ever hear the old saying "Treat a princess like a whore and a whore like a princess?" Well, in the club, all the girls act like princesses, so you got to treat them the exact opposite way they're used to being treated.

This means, you don't treat them as sex objects. In fact, you act like they're not attractive at all. Tease them a bit. Strippers are not used to being teased. Poke fun at them. Act like YOU'RE the guy they should be fawning over, not the other way around. Joke with them. Let them know you don't come cheap, and if they want your company, they'll have to pay YOU.

Customers treat the girls the way they're used to be treated. But the real players, the ones the girls always end up going for, are the guys who treat them as if they weren't in the club at all, as if they were just any other girl they met on the street.

Remember that Strippers are nothing special. In fact, you get most of them in decent light and without make-up, they're pretty regular looking girls, and deep down, that's how they feel. When they're in the club, they're living out a fantasy as much as you are, one in which they are incredibly beautiful and desired by all.

If you wish to be successful at getting this girl to meet you outside the club, you are going to have to take that power away from them. Put them back in the real world where they're just an average girl, and before you know it, they're the ones trying to prove themselves to you!

Most Strippers are actually quite insecure about their looks. They obsess over every wrinkle, stretch mark, hair, boob, whatever! If you play on this insecurity about their looks, they will be looking to you for approval. The best way to do this is with backhanded complements.

I can remember a time where I got this one dancer to meet me outside the club. She was a petite blonde with small breasts, but a really cute face. When she came up to the bar I was standing at, she asked if I wanted a dance, and I said "Why should I get a dance with you?"

She responded with "Because I'm good. You'll like it."

I replied, "Well, you're not really my type. But I do love your breasts." (I said this knowing she was obviously self-conscious about how small they were)

She said "Really?"

"Yeah," I said. "Most guys don't like little boobs like yours, but I think they're great."

The look on her face was like a gasket had blown somewhere inside her head. She didn't know how to respond to that! Was it an insult? It kind-of was, because I told her that most guys won't like her because she has small boobs. But it was also a compliment, because I told her that I, personally, found them attractive.

After that, she didn't look at me as a customer, she looked at me as a guy she had to prove herself to. She ended up meeting me at a local Denny's after the club closed later on that night. When I asked her what made her decide to meet me, she said "You just seemed different Every guy I meet in there is ready to propose marriage, but there was something real about you I liked."

So use backhanded compliments to knock them off their high horse and back into reality. But don't overdo it. If you give the girls too hard a time, they'll get angry and move on to a guy who'll feed their ego rather than thrash it.

At one point I got into a lot of trouble for really making fun of a dancer at a club in Denver. I was just good-naturedly ribbing her (or so I thought) when I went too far and struck a nerve. Before I knew it, this poor girl was screaming at me, calling me all sorts of unsavory names, and I was eventually asked to leave by management.

So you can go too far with this. Just look for how the girl starts responding to you. If she's actually talking to you as a girl and not some beauty queen (you can usually visually notice a shift in the way she looks at you when the transition occurs), it's time to stop making fun of her and throwing out the backhanded compliments and time just to be a cool guy.

After all, the object of the game is to seduce them, not destroy them.

Never Trust A Stripper's Phone


This is a good rule to live by. Unless the girl you're after actually leaves the club with you and goes back to your place that night, you're not going to score with her. Sometimes guys will ask for a girl's number in the strip club, and once they get it, they believe they're on their way to getting a date.

Not so.

Not so by a loooooooong shot!

See, Strippers get asked for their numbers a bajillion times a night. It's probably the #1 most asked question for a dancer there is. In fact, if a Stripper got a dollar for every time a guy asked them "What's your number?" she could probably retire, Bill Gates style, within the year.

When I was driving around my two Stripper friends when I was younger, we used to laugh and joke about how many numbers and business cards guys gave them, and how many fake numbers the girls gave out.

Understand that if you're seen as a customer, the girls will only give you numbers where they can't be reached. Most Strippers have second cell phones or message services that they give out to customers to keep tabs on them or string them along. Others give out fake phone numbers. This is just a way of protecting themselves from ungodly amounts of unsolicited calls. It's very rare that a girl will give out an actual legitimate number to someone she meets in a strip club if there's not something in it for her.

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