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Show clubs are the easiest type to identify, since they usually have a very well kept building, and a parking lot full of new cars which you will notice before you even go inside the club.

Show clubs appeal to upscale customers by providing them with something they can't see anywhere else - live, unbelievably beautiful and sexy girls!

In show clubs the emphasis is on show, so girls with top-notch physical appearance and dancing skills will be the most prevalent. Show clubs cater to businessmen entertaining their business clients, vacationers, white collar guys traveling on business etc. who are expecting to see something that will truly impress them.

To provide this, the show clubs usually only hire dancers with an exceptional or unusual physical appearance (9s and 10s on the bachelor scale), and they also may bring in feature entertainers like porn stars.

"Show" Club Characteristics - Since they cater to professional and upscale customers, show clubs usually have very strict rules. They usually will not tolerate contact of any kind between their dancers and customers, since they do not want to risk any problems with the local police which might result in negative publicity for their club.

Dancers caught performing "extras" are usually immediately fired and blackballed, since the owners need the club's image to be squeaky clean. After all, if you were a local businessman would you risk your face on the front page of your local newspaper as a result of being in a strip club during a bust?

Show clubs depend on the exceptional or unusual appearance of their dancers as the main attraction for upscale customers, so show clubs usually will not tolerate a dancer who lets her appearance slide either from weight gain, long nights, or bad habits. A show club dancer who drops from a 9 to an 8 will be talked to by club management, and a dancer who drops to a 7 will usually be let go.

Show clubs also usually have high cover charges, high stage fees and high tip-outs, but they also have high earning potential for dancers (which means if you're expecting to go to a show club, you better be making more that $24K a year).

Because show clubs represent a large business investment on the part of the owners, they are usually managed professionally by business professionals. As a result, they expect professional conduct from their dancers such as showing up on time, showing up straight, working the room with energy and a smile, etc. Show clubs also usually have excellent security, both for the customers and for the dancers.

Since show clubs are the only type of club where it is possible for dancers to earn major bucks in a relatively clean, professional environment, show club owners usually have many more dancers applying to work there than they have openings. This means that show club managers can (and will) be very selective in the dancers they do hire! This also means that in many cases the dancers can be catty and cutthroat, since 9s and 10s often do not get along well with each other and since heavy money is at stake.

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