Type 2 The Neighborhood Club

Neighborhood clubs are exactly that, smaller clubs which are usually located away from the main business district.

Neighborhood clubs appeal to neighborhood customers by providing them something which is comfortable and affordable. In neighborhood clubs the emphasis is on socializing, so the girls usually aren't big hustlers.

Neighborhood clubs cater to 'regular guys' out with the boys for the evening, college students, blue collar guys traveling on business etc. who are expecting a little personal attention from the dancers, but who are also expecting to leave the club with some of their paycheck still left in their wallet.

As a result, neighborhood clubs usually wind up hiring dancers who are 8s and 7s (on the bachelor scale), although 9s and 10s will be treated like Gold in neighborhood clubs.

Neighborhood clubs are also the best venue you can have to find a decent girl to date in the world of Strippers. The girls in these clubs tend to work there regularly, and have a more relaxed attitude towards their customers. This is my personal favorite type of club. In fact, the first club I got work at as a doorman was a neighborhood club.

"Neighborhood" Club Characteristics - Since they cater to "regular guys," neighborhood clubs are usually fairly easygoing. The atmosphere and acceptable behavior in a neighborhood club are about the same as at a neighborhood bar, and most (but not all) neighborhood clubs are topless only (or bikini) and serve alcohol.

Neighborhood clubs cater to customers who do not have a lot of money to spend, so the cover charge (and drink price) is low, the tip-out is low, and there probably won't be a stage fee for the girls at all.

Often the club is owned by a 'regular guy' as well, who may even live in the same neighborhood. This means that neighborhood clubs also do not want trouble with the local police or the "neighbors," but they usually are not super-strict about enforcing "no contact" rules but are concerned nonetheless.

Security is usually pretty lax as well. Because neighborhood clubs are usually locally owned, management may not be all that professional, but it is usually well intentioned. As a result, neighborhood clubs are usually very easygoing about the girls showing up on time, working the room steadily, etc. This gives you greater leeway in getting girls to hang out longer and maybe even leave the club with you.

The reason these types of neighborhood clubs are so easygoing is that they pretty much have to be, since neighborhood clubs offer the lowest earning potential for dancers. This usually means that even though it can be very comfortable to work in neighborhood clubs, and that some decent money can be earned after a dancer builds up a group of regular neighborhood customers who like her, most dancers will keep looking for better paying opportunities in other clubs.

This also means that the dancers in neighborhood clubs usually get along with each other well, since the "primadona factor" usually does not come into play and there isn't all that much money to be had from the customers to be worth risking bad blood with the other dancers.

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