Type 3 The Sleazy Club

Sleazy clubs are more difficult to identify since on the surface they may appear just like a show club or a neighborhood club.

The obvious difference is that sleazy clubs appeal to customers who are expecting more than a "no touch" dance whether the dancer is a vision from heaven or not.

Sleazy clubs are usually (but not always) nude clubs. Because sleazy clubs cater to the up close and personal customers, sensuality is the most important characteristic for the girls who work there, although physical appearance is also somewhat of an issue.

Sleazy clubs need to keep their customers happy so they usually hire dancers based on their "performance" during a private dance audition (as in, if the girl's willing to give the manager a blow-job, she's hired). Dancers ranging anywhere from 5s to 10s can be found in sleazy clubs, as incredible amounts of money can be made by dancers willing to keep the customers totally "happy."

"Sleazy" Club Characteristics - The 'bread and butter' of sleazy clubs is the VIP room, champagne room, or whatever they choose to call the club's private area.

Many show clubs and neighborhood clubs also have private dance areas, but in a sleazy club this is usually an area not within view of the main room.

Obviously the customers these clubs cater to expect privacy with their favorite dancer. Since sleazy clubs by their very nature are not all that concerned with the letter of the law, management is usually professional but not necessarily fair.

Management will always take care of their dancers though, especially the 9s and 10s. Security is also usually strong also, and it's not unusual to see bouncers with brass knuckles or collapsible metal clubs on their person. But in sleazy clubs, security is primarily there to protect the club and club owner, not to keep an eye on the dancers!

Obviously there is tremendous earning potential for girls in sleazy clubs, so cover charges, stage fees and tip-outs can be relatively high. Usually, the bouncers and sometimes even management will get kickbacks from the girls who perform illicit sexual favors in the back rooms.

Girls who are more willing than most to keep the customers "happy" will do extremely well in sleazy clubs. Girls who are less willing than most will usually not be pressured, but their earnings will be disappointing. Also, in sleazy clubs, be prepared for just about anything to happen in the dressing room, private area, or even the main club area. This includes fights and police busts.

Sleazy clubs are fun if you're looking for quick sexual gratification and are willing to pay for it. However, I do not recommend them if you're looking to date one of the girls. I say this because typically, the girls in these types of clubs are more self destructive, messed in the head, and prone to disease than the girls in the other types of clubs. That doesn't mean they're ALL bad women, but just be extra cautious when dealing with a sleazy club.

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