Unless youve dated a Stripper in the past

I can remember back when Seinfeld used to be on TV, there was an episode where the character George got a picture of a model, and told all the women he met that he was dating that particular model in the picture. Soon, other models were coming onto him, because "one of their own" had decided he was good enough to date.

Well, things kind of work the same way with Strippers.

There's a kind-of subliminal pre-approval process that goes on in a Stripper's head when she finds out that you used to date another girl who stripped for a living. It's almost as if you've been given the stamp of approval, because you won't freak out about her job, you won't act all jealous and crazy, and you know what life with a Stripper can be like.

In a way, you're already "initiated" into the lifestyle she's living, and that's more attractive than some guy who's just looking for a fantasy she can't realistically provide in the long term.

The best way I know of to get a girl to look at you as a Veteran is to flat out tell her.

Mention that you had a girlfriend who was an Exotic Dancer (quick note, never refer to Strippers as "Strippers." Always call them Exotic Dancers or Dancers. It's much less demeaning and will set you apart from most guys). You also want to mention that your girlfriend was a long term relationship - not just a one night stand.

It's important not to make a big deal of this, but mention it casually, as if it's normal.

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