When To Go To A Strip Club

Now that we've covered what type of clubs there are, that's only half the information you'll need to prepare you for picking up a Stripper. The other half of the information is WHEN to go to the club.

The prime days to pick up dancers in clubs are not the weekends. Weekends are the time the girls make the bulk of their money. I'm not saying its impossible to get a girl from a club on the weekend, but it sure is more difficult. Its kind-of like if I were to walk into your workplace on Monday around lunch time and ask you to take the rest of the week off and hang out with me. Is that impossible? No. But it would take some convincing, am I right?

So weekends are bad times to pick up Strippers. The best times to do it are during off-hours and weekdays.

Whenever I walk into a club and I see it's slow, I smile, because I know it's going to be much more fun than a club that's crowded. When a club is crowded, the girls are busy hustling and making money, as they should be. When a club is dead, they've almost accepted the night is gonna be a bust and they're open to doing stuff to break the boredom. (It's also easier to convince them to leave early and go have some fun)

So weekdays are good times to go, but be aware of any special events that may be occurring in the club and avoid those too if possible. A lot of clubs know the weekdays are slow, so they throw special events to try and attract customers, like "half price dance night" or "Oil Wrestling Contest" or "Amateur Night."

The effectiveness of these special events can be hit-or-miss. But if you see a lot of promotion for a particular event, then do yourself a favor and find another club to go to on that night. And if the local radio station is involved, forget it! The club will be so jam-packed with people you're going to be wasting your time trying to pick up a dancer that night.

Some clubs are open during the day, which can also be a good time to go, depending on what part of the country you're in. Just be aware that most of the girls who work at clubs during the day (the "day shift," as I like to call them) are not all exactly visions of beauty. This is a time where older dancers come in, and girls with families that can't stay out late at night, or girls who are trying to get back into the good graces of management after some bad behavior and are being punished by working during the day. But this can also be a time where new dancers are "broken in" before they start dancing on the prime nights (I know a few clubs in Las Vegas that do this). Also, occasionally you'll get girls who come in during the day just because they love their job and feel more at home in the club.

So knowing all this, figure out the best times to pick up dancers in your favorite clubs by seeing when the club is slowest. And as I said before, picking up girls on weekends is possible, but more difficult, so if you want to have your "pick of the litter," be prepared to throw down and put in the work during those prime hours on the weekends.

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