She Keeps Glancing at

If every time you glance her way, she is glancing your way, it's a pretty good indication she is flirting with you but if she drops her glance it could mean that she is interested buy shy. Get up, walk over to her, introduce yourself and start a conversation.

If her glance includes a smile then that is an open invitation for you to make the first move. If she goes out of her way to get you to notice her, that my friend, is flirting!

If, on her way from point A to point B, she takes an unnecessary detour through point C (you), she might be trying to get your attention. For instance, if she walks by your table "on her way" to the washroom in a coffee shop, but your table is located at the opposite end of the restrooms, she is probably interested. Why else would she be taking the long way? If she smiles at you on her way, consider your job half done.

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