Women Want to Feel Special

It's no secret that women want to feel like they're special to you. Not just special, but that they are your one and only woman. You see, women thrive on making our man feel special. It makes women feel good to make our man feel special, wanted and desired. However, women want to feel the same way, too.

There are a few mistakes that men make in this department that I'd like to point out to you. No, I'm not trying to give you a verbal spanking for making these mistakes. To the contrary, I'm trying to point out what you could do wrong so you won't make these mistakes. And believe me, when it comes to trying to seduce a woman, if you make these mistakes it's going to be quite difficult to ever get a chance to seduce her.

Women know that men are very easily visually stimulated, as I mentioned before. And women do understand that it's one of those differences that women can't do anything about. However, women do believe that a man has the capacity to control the urge to look at another woman when he's with them, which brings me to the first mistake that you'll want to avoid. When women are with you at a restaurant, club or just about anywhere, don't stare at other women. They understand that women are not the only female on the face of the earth that you may find attractive, but it's disrespectful to stare at another woman when you're with them. Put yourself in our shoes and think of how you'd feel if women were the one staring at another man while you're sitting there next to them. It just doesn't feel good.

The next mistake that you'll want to avoid is paying an undue amount of attention to another woman when your lady is with you. Again, we know women are not the only one that's charming or good-looking, but it's disrespectful. Not to mention, it lends the wrong idea. Before long you're going to have your woman wondering what your intentions really are. As before, put yourself in our shoes and think of how you'd feel if the situation was reversed.

Third mistake to avoid, flirting. Never, ever flirt with another woman in our presence. This is one mistake that could turn into a very ugly scene at a rapid pace. Not only is this disrespectful, but to many women it's just plain wrong. The fact that you would be willing to behave that way with your lady right there is sure to make them reconsider being involved with you. Ultimately women relate flirting to the strong possibility of cheating, which is sure to make her feel defensive. And again, think of how you'd feel if women were the ones doing the flirting in your presence. I'm pretty sure you'd be hurt, too.

There's no denying that women don't like to compete for your attention with other females. But women also don't like to have to compete for your attention with your friends, either. No, I'm not saying that you're going to have to give up your buddies just to successfully seduce a woman. What I'm saying is that when you take women to a barbeque at your friend's house, don't ignore them. Women don't want to be the center of attention at all times, but women do want you to pay a little attention to them.

Here's another little piece of advice for you to keep them feeling special. Always introduce them, without having to be reminded. There's nothing that will make them feel less special or less important to you than if you don't introduce women to the people that you know. I'm not saying that you have to throw a party and invite everyone you know just so that you can introduce women to them. However, if there's a party for your company or you and your lady bump into someone out in town, be sure to introduce her to them. It will make her feel very special.

Now let's move on to the little things that you can do to make her feel like she's your one and only lady. There's no need for skywriting or renting space on the blimp to send a message to the entire city. It's the simple, little things that you can do everyday that will make her feel special all the time. Remember, it doesn't have to be a special occasion to make your lady feel special. Any time is the perfect time!

The first thing you can do is to give her your undivided attention whenever possible. This will make her feel like she's important to you and that you care about her. I don't mean you have to pay constant attention to her. That would be suffocating and not to mention a ridiculous expectation for anyone.

The next thing you can do is to look at her when you're talking to her and when she's talking to you. It will show her that you're truly interested in what she's saying when she's talking to you. And when you're the one doing the talking it will make her feel like you really want to share what's on your mind with her. This is something that you should do no matter who you're talking to, but it's often overlooked with our significant others after a while.

Another great way to make your lady feel special is to hold her hand, give her a little kiss, or whisper something sweet in her ear when you're at home or out together. I don't mean that you have to constantly be touching or kissing her or whispering in her ear. But a little affection or endearment every now and again is sure to make her feel good. And when you're out with your friends or just out anywhere the fact that you're not afraid to show your affection for her in front of others will make her feel all the more special.

As you can see, the things that you need to do to ensure that you lady really feels special are not difficult at all. For the most part there's nothing that requires any amount of effort or extra thought. In general, it's a matter of respect and affection. Although it may take you some time to adjust to some of it, by treating your special woman the way you would want and expect to be treated will ensure you're successful.

When you make your woman feel special she'll be more trusting and comfortable will you. It will make it easier for her to open up to you and feel like she can share her thoughts and feelings with you. She'll feel like her happiness is truly important to you and that will give you great partner-potential in her eyes.

The benefit of taking the time and consideration to make your lady feel like your special one and only woman is that she will reciprocate. Both of you will inevitably feel special, desired and appreciated. This will make the process of seducing your woman all the easier, since you will both share common feelings and will ultimately know where you truly stand with one another and where your relationship is headed. And when you're both feeling this way it will help move your relationship on to the next level, a closer more passionate level.

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