A woman almost always hides her true meaning in the way she says something not the words she says This is unlike men who say exactly what they mean

I'm a veteran people-watcher, and I find it fascinating. It's a little like being a voyeur, a peeping-tom through the windows of other people's lives. You'll be amazed how much you can learn just by watching and observing. As you develop this skill, it will repay you ten times over when you can apply it with women. It is also not optional. You must learn how to read a woman's posture and tone so that you can understand her real feelings.

I'm going to detail some specific body language cues you may observe. Again, I remind you to take the sum of her body language first. If she feels closed off and distant, chances are that she is. You need to address this before progressing further, or she will pull the rug out from under you, and you'll have no one to blame but yourself, since the indicators were always there. You just have to stop, open up your awareness, and accept what you're seeing.

First, here are some general indicators - signs that she's either interested or she's not:


Occasional glance(s) Looks at you a few times Holds your gaze for a moment Looks down, then away Posture changes, looks alert Crosses arms Adjusts hair, attire Faces toward you Tilts her head Eyes narrow slightly Smiles

Mirrors your posture Eyes brighten and widen Licks her lips Alert, energetic Gradually opens posture Lowers her drink Touches herself gently Caresses objects Crosses and uncrosses leg


Never sneaks a peek

Fleeting/avoiding eye contact

Looks away quickly

Looks away, eyes level

Posture remains neutral

Arms are open, uncrossed

Does no adjusting

Turns her body away

Head stays vertical

Eyes remain normal

Neutral, polite face

Posture unchanged

Normal or dull eyes

Mouth closed, presses lips together

Tense, restless, impatient

Posture remains closed

Keeps drink high

Grips or clenches herself

Squeezes, taps objects

Legs remain crossed



Flashes of open palm Crossed legs steady Dangles shoe from foot Hands never touch face Touches you any reason Feet firmly on floor Loosens anything Leans forward Steady hands, feet

Back of hand gestures Swings crossed legs Keeps shoe on Touches face

Never touches you, seems to avoid touching

Feet on edges or toes

Tightens anything

Leans away

Tapping, drumming

There's no such thing as a sure thing, so always trust your gut feeling - your intuition. If you feel that she's definitely interested, go with that, and ignore any occasional gestures that you're not sure about.

Body Language Magic

Body Language Magic

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