Appendix The Affect of Age on Seduction Interests

Women have different interests at different ages. Knowing what her likely focus will be at a certain age will help you understand how best to present yourself. I'm assuming that most women you will target are single, and some may have had a marriage or child somewhere in the past. The big variable in all of this will usually revolve around her sense of self-esteem. How she feels about herself and keeps up her self-image will play heavily into her priorities as she gets older. Generally speaking, the lower her self-esteem, the more she will buy into society's program of "get married, have children."



18 to around 24

PARTY! This chick just wants to have FUN. Fun, fun, fun. Any guy that ties her down will be an anchor that she will cut free at the earliest opportunity. She will say she wants just one love, but this is "Cinderella-speak." She really wants to enjoy serial monogamy to its fullest. She is most sensitive to men who try and tie her down. Her friends are the most important part of her life at this stage - a holdover from her teenage and college years. Catch her at the right time, and you could be having fun with her.

24 to 27 or 28

She's on the market for a husband or long-term partner, but she's not feeling any urgency. This woman is starting her career and is into experiencing what her newfound womanhood is all about. This is the period where she's breaking free of her "party all the time" mentality, and starting to develop her own single life. Her friends are still extremely important to her, but her romantic relationships are starting to feel more urgent. Women in this stage tend to ignore themselves and their own interests to get married and have children.

28 to 30

She's starting to feel the real urgency of approaching her sexual peak and the horrible thought that she could be turning 30 in a couple years. If she hasn't found a husband and started a family,

she starts to get much more serious about finding a long-term mate. You can usually smell her intensity a mile away. She's extremely sensitive to "Players" and guys who won't commit to her. She's into screening out the men who won't make a good provider for her.

30 to 34

She's really feeling the pressure of not only being 30 (she never actually believed it would happen to her) but she's also on the blood hunt for a man to complete her image of a family. She wants to bear children, and she realizes that her window is starting to close. She's also feeling a consistent desire for sex since she's started entering her sexual peak.

Some women get to this stage and make their career a priority, and they feel the contention between their maternal/female needs and their desire for recognition in their work.

34 to 40

Her mania for bearing children subsides a little, and she's starting to understand how she was programmed by society, Barbie dolls, Disney movies, etc., to want the husband, children, home in the suburbs, and her own SUV. She's more relaxed after she's broken free of those beliefs, and she's also at her sexual peak. The women that can most effectively shake off this "need to breed" make incredible sexual partners.

She's starting to focus on her own needs and self-development, as she discovers that all this time is really hers to spend the way she wants. She will probably fill her life up with classes and self-development. She may even go back to school.

40 onward

At this point, a woman's interest in men can go in many directions. Many single women will avoid any threats to their established state of independence. They worked hard to get to this level of self-reliance, and a man can often seem like a threat to this. This is not to say that she wouldn't want a long-term relationship, but she is just as likely to have a casual sex-buddy as well, since this allows her the freedom she desires.

At this point in her life, she's into her own life and own interests. She's also losing her flexibility in terms of her ability and desire to accommodate a man. She's getting over her feeling of loss from not having had children, or she's into a child she may have from a previous marriage.

From here on out, she may range anywhere from still desiring children and/or a husband, to enjoying casual dating and sex. Somewhere in the back of her mind, though, she still wants to find "The One" who will be her Prince Charming. She still believes in the myth, but she is now just more cynical about finding him.

Women over 40 are also subject to the same inflexibility that men are, unwilling to change or flex their schedule to accommodate a partner in their life. This is where casual partners can fill in without worrying about becoming a marriage prospect.

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