Avoid answering a womans questions directly whenever possible

She will ask things in a very tricky way to get you to say more than you want to. Men are not as sophisticated in conversation as women usually are. Think of all those hours she sat on the phone wringing secrets out of her best friends. Women are professionals at this, make no mistakes.

I'm reminded of the old Bugs Bunny cartoon where Bugs asks Elmer Fudd: "Answer yes or no, please - Have you stopped beating your wife?" And Elmer says, "Yes ... er, no... I mean, uhm..."

It's a no-win question. It's just like those poor saps who get tricked into coming on one of those trash daytime talk shows and get manipulated by the host into looking like fools (which most of them are anyway.)

Women are experts at asking you the no-win question. Tell me how many times you've heard these:

o "Are you trying to seduce me?" - This is usually an indicator that she's feeling attracted and pulled in, but she is also very careful and guarded. What she's really saying is: "Because if you are trying to seduce me, don't let me know and I'll keep going along with you."

o "Do you act this way/say those things to all the girls?" - Just a clever way for her to find out if you consider yourself a ladies man. She plays a little to your ego to get you to say something revealing. A humorous comeback would work well here.

o "Are you a player?" - What she's really asking is, "Are you just looking at me as a sex object? If you can appreciate that I'm unique and special in some way, I'll keep going along with you."

o "Are you seeing other women?" - This one's a no-win because if you are, she thinks you're a player. If you aren't, she thinks you're desperate. Again, the best answer is NO answer. It's none of her business. Once again, she just wants to feel unique and special.

o "Don't you think we're going too fast?" - Yet again, she's saying she just wants reassurance that you're not just using her and manipulating her into sex. If you can make her feel good about herself and what you're doing, she'll go along with you. She's feeling pressure from her "Slut Complex."

5 Ways to Turn Your Nice Girl Naughty

5 Ways to Turn Your Nice Girl Naughty

You have found a good girl. She's cute, sexy, sweet, caring, funny, faithful... and best of all, she's into you. You've done good! And, your friends are all jealous. Maybe you used some of the powerful attraction and seduction tips from our other reports. Or maybe you're just a natural. Either way, you're happy.

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