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Some guys like to be tied up. Others like a little punishment. Some guys even like furry puppets of Star Wars characters. If there's a weird twist you can think of for sex, I bet you someone has already done it, and done it on film. If you have a kink you'd like to try with a woman, be sure she's interested in something normal first. And don't interrupt your sex to ask her to hold on while you bring in the Wesson oil and nipple clamps. You work your way into it slowly, and always ask her if she's interested and open-minded first. She'll probably say, "Why? What do you have in mind?" And then you can tell her what you're thinking.

I won't go into any great detail here, because I tend to like the standard flavors in my sexual ice cream. But needless to say, there are plenty of books out there that can help you broach this topic with a would-be partner.

My only rules: Be careful, don't cause any lasting hurt or damage. And always have a "safe word," something you say to end the fantasy without going too far.

5 Ways to Turn Your Nice Girl Naughty

5 Ways to Turn Your Nice Girl Naughty

You have found a good girl. She's cute, sexy, sweet, caring, funny, faithful... and best of all, she's into you. You've done good! And, your friends are all jealous. Maybe you used some of the powerful attraction and seduction tips from our other reports. Or maybe you're just a natural. Either way, you're happy.

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