Charged Words

A seduction is a bubble of magical influence on a woman. In the game of seduction, you must master the art of using charged words to convey your meaning and to drive her forward. You do not speak in words that other men use habitually and lazily. You must learn to choose your words, as well as speak them with a seductive rhythm.

Injecting your conversation with charged words works on two levels. Her conscious mind will recognize that you have a poetic and romantic affect on her. Eloquence with your words is something a woman is not used to. She typically only hears charged words in her romance novels, movies, and masturbation fantasies.

On another level, charged words work as suggestions to her subconscious mind. This is not the same as hypnosis, since suggestion is a more established and subtle technique in seduction. Here's a simple suggestion trick that can prove the power of suggestion in a very simple experiment:

Have a friend of yours sit still for a moment, and ask him (or her) to spell "pots" ten times out loud. Then tell him to quickly answer your next question: "What do you do at a green light?" At least eight out of ten people will say "stop" instead of the correct answer, "go." When they were spelling "pots," their subconscious mind read it backwards and thought: "Stop."

Suggestions pave the way to more erotic talk as you work forward in the seduction. Here are a few charged words to get you started. You can think of quite a few more, I'm sure.







Thrusting (be careful with this one!)










Use words that describe physical states and things she can imagine touching with her fingers, or feeling through her senses. Use this with her modality (See the NLP section later in the book) for maximum effect.

Another good (and very tricky) way of using charged language to feed her suggestions and get her taking the more sexually aggressive role is to feed her a double entendre. A double entendre is a phrase that can have two meanings, one normal and one usually very dirty. Words like come, breasts, suck, hard, and many others can all be used in more than one way.

- "Boy, this is really hard." (Talking about a popsicle.)

- "I didn't come with her." (Talking about a party you went to.)

- "I need to pick out some breasts for dinner." (Talking about chicken.)

- "It just doesn't have the sucking power." (Talking about a vacuum cleaner.)

- "I almost rear-ended her." (Talking about a car accident.)

You simply make this mistake on purpose, and then pretend it was unintentional. Let her be the one to figure it out and laugh, while you get to tease her for having her mind in the gutter.

Let me give you a true example of how you'd use this in real life:

There's a very cute woman who works at the Safeway near where I live. I flirt with her all the time, and I make it a point to get in her line when she's running the register. The other day, I had just grabbed a cart and was on my way in to do my grocery shopping. She was just coming out and we met at the door.

"Hi!" she said, in her usual squeaky voice.

"Hey!" I said. "Where are you going?"

I said, "You can't go on break. You have to be ready to check me out when I'm ready to go." I kept a perfectly straight face when I said this.

She smirked a little, and I could tell she had caught the double entendre. "That's a shame, but I have to take my break now, or I don't get it. Can I 'check you out' another time?"

"Excuse me? Oh, you're so bad! You women have such dirty minds. I didn't mean it that way!"

And I said this in a way that would leave her wondering if I did or if I didn't mean it "that way." We locked eyes for a second before I walked into the store.

I've used this dozens of times with women, and it never ceases to amaze me how willing they are to jump in and take over the "dirty minded" role. The more offended and "shocked" you act about them misinterpreting what you said, the better the reaction. Be sure to bring it up from time to time to tease her after she's done it, and watch the reaction. She will start to enjoy it and work it.

As you might have figured out, this is another form of the Role-reversal. Women love to take over the sexually aggressive role in situations like this. It's a bit tricky when you first try it, but if you handle it right, it's also GOLD.

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