Complete trust is not necessary for seduction

(This is why I believe that ail relationships need to start with seduction. When you start with too much "friendship" and too little passion and lust, you wind up being two friends - not lovers - who end up having occasional sex to justify staying together so they can hang out and do things as a couple.)

You're not here to solve her problems. You're here to give her the gift of passion and excitement.

Control The Conversation Through Questions

The way to control the conversation is to be the person asking the questions. You don't just want to be firing off any wild questions, though. You have to plan them and have a purpose for all of them.

Here are some of the questions you need to ask a woman to get information for yourself, as well as keep her moving forward with you.

Find Her Weakness: I'll remind you several times that all women have an area where they are feeling a lack, and it's crucial that you find it. You have to find this emptiness and fill it.

Beware asking her questions that are too directly aimed at negatives, such as "What would you get rid of to improve your life right now?" or "What would have made your childhood happier?" You may think these questions cut straight to where she feels the lack in her life, but they also raise a lot of negativity. You have to be more indirect.

Try these questions:

o "So, if you could choose anything about your job you wanted, would you choose the pay, the people, or the responsibilities?" (You'll find out what she prioritizes in life.)

o "If you could take off from work for a year and do whatever you wanted, what would you do?" (This will show you what she currently lacks from her life and her job.)

o "What kind of things did you learn from your childhood?" (This is an interpretive question. Her answer will give you insight on her background overall. Did she learn negative things, such as friends can't be trusted? Or did she learn the value of love and honesty?)

This is also called "eliciting values," since you are probing to find out what she values, and by reading in between her words, you will find what is most important to her. If she values recognition, you'll know that she feeds on acknowledgement and has self-esteem gaps. If she values family and friends, you'll know that she desires strong human contact and probably trust.

Ask Open-Ended Questions: Open-ended questions are most often the "who-what-where-when-why-how" kind that you can ask to get her talking about herself and her life. Close-ended questions, on the other hand (the kind you answer with just a yes or no) leave nowhere for her to go.

Every question can be used as a stepping-stone for the next open-ended question, even if you start out with a close-ended question. You would use the conversational bridging technique (covered in more detail later), and then add on an open-ended question.

For example, if you asked her if she had any brothers or sisters, and she said "No," you could then ask her something related to it. "Did you have a best friend that you treated like a sister? What was she like? What made her such a good friend?"

And after that, every answer she gives you can be used to create a whole new line of questions. For example, if she answered that last question with: "Well, she was just so open and caring about me. She was always there to talk to. And she never put herself in front of me." You can then either ask her to tell you more: "Can you give me an example of how she was open and caring?" or you can take a keyword from her answer and try a different question: "So it's important to have someone there you can talk to? Why is that?"

Your wildcard is the question "why?" It allows you to dig deeper into any topic to find something you can grab onto.

Keep in mind that you don't need a woman to open up and tell you all sorts of intimate details about herself or her life to go along with your seduction; so don't get caught up in that pursuit. She doesn't have to reveal her deepest secrets to go to bed with you. (And it's better if she doesn't.) However, if her unwillingness to open up to you indicates possible mistrust, then you will need to take steps to address and eliminate this since it poses an obstacle for your seduction.

Another part of controlling through questions is to avoid letting her control you with questions. This starts with a rule that I want you to write on your bathroom mirror at home in permanent marker so that you will be reminded every single day:

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