Control Your Thinking

Having the self-discipline to control your thoughts is the core success factor in seduction. If you can't control your own thinking, you'll never be able to follow the Method long enough to get the results you seek.

Stop Daydreaming!

One of the biggest mistakes a guy typically makes, especially if he's not used to success with women, is that he will meet a woman, hit it off, and between that time and the next when they meet again, he'll be daydreaming and imagining all kinds of scenarios with her. He'll imagine what it will be like to make out with her, or sleep with her, or a thousand other things. What all this daydreaming will do is essentially embed her deeper in his mind, making him more and more infatuated with her.

This is the wrong way around.

Daydreaming is lethal to seduction. You setup a situation where you've lost control of your thoughts, and she now owns them. When you finally do get together with her, she'll be on a pedestal in your mind, and you're not going to want to knock her down. As a result, you're likely to treat her too nicely, and never get her attracted to you as a result.

You want this to be working in reverse. This kind of mysterious obsession is what you want floating around in her thoughts. When she thinks about you and wonders about you it's like starting a mutual fund investment plan that you never look at until the statement comes, and you see that it went up 18% - all by itself! Even when you're not working on her, she's doing the work for you.

The way to get this working is through planting small mysteries in her mind. I'll show you the "Nickname Pause" later, but your best bet for now is this: Never tell her anything directly about you that you can put off until later. Hint that there's something very interesting about you, but never let her in on the complete information. This is especially effective if done via email (where she can't corner you into giving up too much information) and in between meetings with her.

o "I don't want to tell you all my hobbies, but I'll tell you that you've probably seen someone on television doing one of them. But enough about me - what do you do when you're not hitting on men like me? Are you into any sports?"

o "I'll be out of the area on Wednesday, taking care of some pretty confidential business, but I should be back in time for us to meet that night. Maybe I'll tell you more about that when we meet."

o "You want to know what I liked about your eyes, hmm? Tell you what, I'll let you in on that when we're sharing that martini you promised me."

Raise questions in her head (good questions) and you'll have her thinking about you in between. Keep her daydreaming.

You need to keep your head out of the clouds and your feet on the ground.

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