Dirty Talk

Women will talk dirty with you, but it's not usually until after they've established a large Trust account in your name. Her first interest will be for hearing some love talk, and you'll have to come up with some if you want to get to a point where she grabs you by the hair and tells you: "Just &#$! me!" Don't start talking dirty to her until she's started, as you will definitely risk having her feel degraded and humiliated. She's not your personal porn movie or fantasy. She wants to be respected first, then she'll get playful.

The way to start dirty talk is to be mild at first. Say things that are very gentle, such as, "I just love feeling your skin on mine ... you're so hot ..." As you go, you can heat it up a little, with some more spice: "Do you like feeling me inside you? Is this how you like it?"

If she fails to respond after a couple of attempts, she's probably not a dirty-talker. There are worse situations, so don't feel compelled to keep trying. It might take you a few sessions for her to trust a little more and open up enough to talk during sex.

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