Dominant and Submissive

There are two kinds of men in the world: Dominant and Submissive. In order to seduce women effectively, you must be a dominant man. Dominant behavior signals confidence to her, as well as to her subconscious attraction mechanism.

Here are the characteristics so that you are completely aware of the difference:


• Seeks out opportunity

• Displays self-confidence

• Pursues his desires and takes action quickly

• Makes choices

• Does not seek approval

• Plans the future


• Waits for opportunity

• Displays ambivalence, an uncertainty or inability to make up his mind

• Seeks approval

• Displays very little confidence

These Dominant traits are what a woman both consciously and unconsciously looks for in a mate. Thousands of years ago, when we were all clubbing our mammoth dinner to death, women knew that the caveman with the most active and dominant traits would be the one most likely to keep her and her offspring alive. Quite simply, it was a process of elimination. The women who chose wimps with submissive traits found out the hard way: they didn't survive, and neither did their children. A bad choice

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means that your genes don't get passed on. So the women who chose their mates well (the Dominant men) would survive to the next round. And so on.

Well, we may not need to hunt down our evening meal anymore, but women still carry the genetic desire for men who exhibit these Dominant traits. Don't underestimate how her biology plays into this equation! Just because a woman says she wants a man who will play harp with her and share long moonlit walks on the beach does not mean that is what she will actually respond to. She says what her thinking mind has been programmed to desire, but her subconscious mind makes very different choices.

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