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You are at the very center of that diagram. Everything you can impact directly is in your Sphere of Control. You control your speech, your motion, and your thinking. (Don't believe all those sociologists who would have you believe that your behavior is outside your control.) You can choose whether or not to go in to work today. You can control the steering of your car. You can control the attitude you bring to every situation. You have a lot more control, in fact, than you may suspect. And your self-discipline - the ability to learn and use these principles without falling back into self-defeating patterns - is only under your control, and it's also the foundation of all seduction.

Areas you can control directly include: o The level of your education o The church you choose to attend o The time you spend watching television instead of going out to seduce women o The books you read o The food you eat

Everything you can impact indirectly is in the Sphere of Influence. This area includes those things that you cannot directly control, but you can certainly affect in some way. You may not be able to control other people, but you can influence their behavior based on how you treat them and react to them. The Sphere of Influence is where seduction of a woman typically occurs, as you influence her feelings and arousal for you by exercising your Sphere of Control over your own behavior.

Areas you can influence include: o The value of your house o The profitability of your company o A woman's mood o A woman's interest and attraction to you o Your physical attractiveness to another woman (exercise, diet, grooming, clothes)

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