There is an effective way to handle dumping a girl if you started a short-term fling that you want to end. It might seem deceptive up front, but it's actually a great technique to cut off a girl who is driving you nuts with her clingy, possessive behavior.

What is the one thing that is guaranteed to push a woman away? What one behavior will make her drop you faster than first-period French?

Smothering her and coming on too strong.

If you want to get her out of your life, but you don't want to hurt her or break her heart, here's what you do:

❖ Call her four times a day. Every day. All week long. Keep her on the phone for as long as you can, until she begs to go.

❖ Setup dates for as many nights as you possibly can.

❖ Leave love notes all over her apartment or house.

❖ Tell her you love her. Completely. Truly. Forever...

❖ Send her email poems every day in email.

❖ Start talking about moving in with her, marriage, and kids. Tell her you want to start a big family really soon.

Overall, just FLOOD her with attention. Eventually she'll be calling you to tell you that "things just aren't working out ..."

Yeah, there are a few low self-esteem nut cases out there that thrive on this kind of obsessive behavior, but 90+% of the sane girls hate this and run from being smothered. If you think you might have a nut case, then chances are you didn't heed my warnings early on. (Shame on you.) Still, if she sneaks in under your radar, and she's crazier than Hannibal Lecter on acid, you should break it off clearly and finally with her as soon as you can. Don't leave any room for misinterpretation, or you might find her waiting in your driveway some morning.

If you've broken it off and she still persists to contact you, don't talk to her, don't call her, and don't interact with her if you see her. You'll only be encouraging her. And if she doesn't give up, consider the advice I gave you earlier regarding handling stalkers.

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