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This goes back to what I discussed before about staying as truthful as you can during the seduction process. If you lie to her to get her into bed, you will pay a price. What goes around comes around. The best thing you can do is to be honest up front about what your goals are. Some guys think this will scare her off, but in most cases it will actually take the pressure off her and make it easier to complete the seduction.

One of the screening strategies a woman will use is to quiz you endlessly about your relationship plans. If you sleep with her a few times, regularly, she's going to consider you a prospect for a long-term relationship. She will want to figure out if you're "The One" or not.

What you can tell her if she corners you about your relationship intentions is this:

"You know, I'm looking for a person to form a close relationship with, and right now I feel that I need to find out what kind of women there are out there. I'm very selective about who I'm with, and it takes me a long time to know if a woman can be that person."

"I can't tell you about the future, because just about anything could happen. But if I were to consider a woman for the future, she would have to be ."

You would then go into a lengthy description of what that woman would be like for you. Let her know that you have high standards. If your target chooses to try and fit that description, that's her own desire, of course. Don't mislead her into thinking you'll marry her in the near future, but don't shut her out too quickly at the same time. Just recognize that sooner or later you will have to communicate your intention to date other women. If you do it confidently, carefully, and honorably, you can keep many women in your activity book.

The earlier you address this, the better.

When you do feel it's time to end it and move on, do it gently, without making her feel as if she's the problem. Most guys feel it's easier on their consciences if they put the blame in her lap, that way they don't have to feel any guilt over what they're doing. However, this will only come back to haunt you. Not only will you breed resentment in the women you have been with, but also you'll be cultivating a negative view of yourself in your subconscious. This will only serve to rattle your self-confidence later. It's like having termites at work under your house. Everything seems fine and dandy for a while, and then one day too much pressure sends everything crumbling to ruins.

The best method for ending it is to place the blame on a difference of goals and objectives. This keeps the breakup out of the blame-game where each person makes the other responsible. Men are already aware that most women would prefer a long-term romance leading to marriage. While you'll find that a lot more women are into short-term relationships these days too, they still feel as if they've failed if they aren't able to make it work long-term. Women have evolved as monogamous mates, not casual.

Here is a quick script for letting her off easily, as well as making things more likely to end on a friendly basis:

"I know we both mean a lot to each other, Sally, it's just that I think I might not be the best choice for you right now. I'm not really looking for a long-term relationship. I just don't want to get serious. I am also very busy with my work and business ventures, and I wouldn't be treating you fairly if we only saw each other once a week -or even less. I sense that you're looking for someone who will give you a lot more of his time and energy. I suspect you're probably also starting to be interested in seeing other guys, too, aren't you?"

If she knows that things are not going forward with you, she can now say that she wants to move on, too. This gives her the dignity of a graceful exit, making it mutual rather than forced on her.

There are some women, however, that you can never be nice enough to when you break it off. Don't think that you can get every woman to calmly accept it when you dump her. Many women will even get a little emotional depending on how well you performed the seduction. (This is where it's a good idea not to overdo it when you seduce her.) You must be able to handle her calmly, no matter how nasty her reaction is.

Don't pull the passive-aggressive tactics to avoid a confrontation. You can't avoid her phone calls, or duck into alleys every time you see her on the street. If you choose that road, you're in for a frightened lifestyle if you go to bed with even a few women. That's the coward's method. If you can't handle breaking it off with a woman nicely and gently, you probably shouldn't be in this game anyway.

And don't forget: As I said, she can and will probably break it off first with you on occasion. There are a lot of women out there that like to be seduced so they can get the sexual freedom they desire without feeling the pressure of the Slut Complex. They let the man do it all so they don't have to feel bad about themselves. Don't get angry with them, or fall into that trap I warned you about where her dumping you becomes a challenge that gets under your skin. Just accept it for what it was and breathe a sigh of relief that you got let off the hook from doing the breaking up this time around.

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