Handling Setbacks During the Method

You will run into roadblocks along the way to your goal. It's as certain as the snap on her bra that you'll have a few moments of discomfort and uncertainty. A lot of guys run up against this barrier (what I call a pain threshold) and back away because they don't know how to handle it. The first time you get a few steps closer to a woman, and then she backs off when you crack a joke that she doesn't take too well, you'll feel panic hit you square in the gut. Most guys scramble to save face, trying too hard to make nice with her. "Gee, uhm... I'm sorry, I didn't mean that. Can I get you another drink?" It's been hardwired into a lot of guys' mental circuits that they need to get a woman's approval to get sex. This is a fundamental error men make in most seductions.

What you're going to need to do is to teach yourself to get a rush out of these setback situations. It's the same kind of thrill that you get from rock climbing or any other exhilarating sport. You know that you can encounter a new situation and not worry about failure because you're in a harness. You're safe. When you start to fumble the ball a little during the seduction, realize that she can't hurt you. And it's these situations that will teach you 90% of your technique and style along the way.

Let's cover some of the likely setbacks you're going to encounter along the way, and find a way around them. (And every single one of them can be worked through. Believe it.)

First of all, stay cool at all costs. When a guy gets flustered he starts to lose his head; he starts to spin wildly out of control very easily. You need to maintain your levelheaded disposition to make sure that you don't wind up as seduction road-kill.

Let's pretend you've just said something joking about a woman's mother, and it turns out her mother passed away just a year or so earlier. This could seem like a huge

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mistake, and you might be tempted to fall over yourself apologizing. In reality, you couldn't have known this. You just make a simple apology and go on. "Oh, I'm sorry, Wanda. It sounds like you had a lot of feelings for her." And if the topic turns out to become negative, you control the conversation to steer it positive again. (More on this later.)

If you get a woman angry, you will be tempted to backpedal and try to appease her, but this would be a fatal mistake. You shouldn't avoid a woman's anger. One thing you have to understand: If you can't make a woman mad, you can't make her happy or excited, either. Getting her pissed at you is not going to hurt you. In fact, in many seductions it might be necessary. So don't worry if she gives you an angry response. The most important thing is that you handle it with grace and patience. If you stay levelheaded, you will pass this test as well.

I'm going to share a tactic that you can use to keep the setbacks from hurting you too much, and it's called ...

Pain Management

I was snowboarding a while back, and there was a demonstration at the lodge by some Marines to boost enlistment. They had the Marines' hummer there, as well. I noticed the t-shirt one of the guys had on, and the message was brutally honest and clear:

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