Happy Little Friends

You can't keep every woman in your back pocket as a "friend," or a sex buddy. Most women are just as happy to see you move on as you will be to not see them again after you've slept with them. You have to be able to let them go.

Don't throw out the "I'll call you" line if you don't actually intend to do it. Just make sure you never misrepresent yourself in the first place, as we discussed before. If you say you're interested in a relationship, and then you ditch her at the first chance, she'll feel betrayed. If you've ever dealt with a woman who felt betrayed, you'll know what a mistake this can be.

Know your goal at the start and stick with it.

However, I won't discount the fact that you may discover a person you want to date long-term after your seduction. In that case, by all means, pursue it in the direction you desire. In many ways, the most challenging seduction is the woman you have to keep seducing again and again...

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