Hot and Cold

Each situation where you can meet a woman will range from either "Hot," meaning that you're beginning with a certain amount of familiarity and trust between you and her, or it is "Cold," meaning that it is a situation where neither of you know anything about the other.

An example of a Hot contact would be a date setup where you both have friends in common, such as a blind date, or someone you've run into a few times but never stopped to flirt with. A Cold contact would be a woman you run into at the post office that you know nothing about and are meeting her for the first time.

Locations can be Hot or Cold as well. A Hot location would be a friend's party, where most people are familiar with each other in some way. (Remember the value of social proof.) A Cold location would be a street corner or at a bus stop.

When you have a choice, you want the Hot contacts and locations. Unfortunately, these will come up less frequently than the Cold ones, so you need to increase your skills for turning the Cold ones into Hot ones. The Seduction Method is the flame you use to heat them up.

And always remember that the words you say are far less important than the attitude you convey underneath them.

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