If a seduction is not progressing the seduction is dying

Pure and simple.

If you're not moving forward with your target, escalating the excitement, moving from one step to the next, your seduction is dying. There is no neutral or idling state, because if the situation is staying level, that will most likely be working against you. Be willing to watch your status with a critical eye and sense where the momentum is going. Women rarely slam the door shut on a seduction without there being hints that you can learn to watch for along the way. Sometimes these aren't always noticeable until afterward. However, you need to learn from every situation so that you can address these problems when they do happen.

For example, if you're on a second meeting with a woman, and she's not as warm or interested as she was the first time you met her, you need to find out the reason why. There are only two situations for it: She's not as excited because of you, or she's not as excited because of someone/something else. If it's because of you, you need to take steps to address the issue and get her moving forward again. If it's not because of you, you need to get her mind off of the distraction and back onto you.

So, in actuality, it's always up to you. Both situations are usually within your Sphere of Control and Influence. However, there will be situations you cannot affect, such as if she's bummed out because her friend just jumped off a bridge, and there's almost no chance you'll be able to distract her enough.

And, remember, as we go through these steps in the Progression, you always have an "eject" button, or a fallback plan. Here it is:

Whenever you sense that you will not be able to take a seduction attempt any further, you can disengage by asking for her phone number and leaving. If you keep this strategy in your back pocket, you'll never feel like failure is your only alternative.

Let's say you're with Theresa, a buxom Italian beauty, and you've introduced yourself, and she's been giggly and at least somewhat interested. You've thrown a few tricks at her, and even read her palm, but she still seems like she's got a very firm guard up. You know you could spend the rest of the night working on her, but something in your gut tells you that she's not going to go very far tonight, and you'd like to see if you could work more on her later. You decide to leave her while she's still wanting more, and by doing so increase your chances of completing the seduction another night. You find a place to stop the conversation and say:

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"Well, Theresa, I'm so glad you met me ... er, I mean, I'm sure glad we got a chance to meet ..." (laughs) "... but I've got to get going. You know, we might like to continue this another time. Let me have your phone number and we might talk again."

By removing yourself, you are hitting the "eject" button - not her. And you're still leaving some potential for re-engagement at a later time. You walk away a winner no matter what.

Or, let's say you're on a meeting with Anna, the skinny runway model who you've been kissing for the last fifteen minutes, but can't get her away from her friends no matter what you say. You decide that it's a no-win situation if you keep pushing forward right now, so you hit "eject." You get her number and walk away, saving yourself time and energy, and you do this without losing your chances with Anna.

Be careful not to give up too early with her, either. Move forward as far as you can within your Sphere of Control and Influence, and when all else fails, you can hit the "eject" button and live to fight another day.

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