If you are not affiliated to other people or you cannot demonstrate it you are considered unverified and you must work to gain her trust

The other side of the concept of social proof is that if you do something (like buy a particular product, or choose a certain hairstyle) and others follow after you, it must be acceptable. (The power of conformity.) You use this concept to your advantage in seduction by doing something first in order to get her to go along with it.

For example: you may be trying to get a woman you've just met to come with you to another bar. If you were to stop and ask her, you give her the opportunity to refuse and to pay attention to the voice of mistrust in her mind. After all, you might be a psycho killer. Instead of asking her, you act by leading and expect her to follow.

You call a cab, and tell her to come outside with you. When it arrives, you tell her you're going to XYZ club and you've got some friends meeting you there. You open the door and jump in. "Come on," you tell her. "Let's go." You don't look at her or give her the opportunity to refuse. Chances are, she will get in and go with you.

Social proof is a very valuable concept, one that you cannot afford to ignore while you're working to seduce your target. She will put aside much of her mistrust if you are willing to provide your own validation through some simple strategies. Remember that you came into her world with no proof or verification at all. This equates in her mind to no trust. Your job is to shortcut past the long, hard work of proving your trustworthiness, since the normal trust we build is developed only after a long period of time.


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