If you can make a woman feel good about herself and you you will get laid

Your goal should be to make a woman feel good first, and then she will automatically be drawn to you by virtue of your behavior. Mind you, making her feel good does not include things like buying her flowers, or writing her love poems, or singing to her. There's the myth that Hollywood movies promote, and then there's the reality of what makes a woman truly attracted and sexually interested in a man.

Your SECOND big mistake in seduction is that you are probably already doing many of the right things, and even in the right order, but you're trying to do them too quickly. A primary success habit of the effective seducer is patience. You have to slow down and make sure that your pace is not too fast for her, or out of step with where she is at any given time. Rushing implies that you lack self-confidence. When you rush through a seduction, you are certain to fail.

The THIRD big mistake of would-be seducers is that you're not paying enough attention to her. You have to cultivate a keen perceptive ability when it comes to other people's feelings, moods, and states of mind. Men tend to ignore outside evidence and the subtle indicators and hints that a woman is giving off all the time. If you can learn how to tune into these signals, you'll never be surprised again by her reactions.

The FOURTH big mistake you're probably not making her feel like she is special and unique, and that you are not just interested in her because she's a warm body with a vagina. A woman's biggest turn-off is that you only want her for sex. She is willing to give you sex, if you are willing to give her the sense of romance and magical mystery she desires.

The FIFTH big mistake most guys make is thinking that money and status are what get you laid. It doesn't. It might get gold-diggers (shameless women who are essentially high-class hookers) interested, but it will not do you any good. You can't buy your way into Heaven, friends. It doesn't work that way. So please, please, do not try to buy a woman gifts or throw money at her as a way to get sex. It is a waste of your money and time. You'll also set yourself up with a belief that sex is always transactional with women, and that you must always "pay" in some way.

You can get laid far more by practicing these seduction principles than you would by trying to find the women out there that can be bought. Keep this in mind. You might even think that small gifts are okay, but they're not. They scream out "DESPERATE MAN!" And she will hear a voice inside her head that wonders if you're trying to obligate her to sexual favors by buying her expensive dinners and gifts. If she's a lady with any class, she'll just turn you down. If she has no class, she'll take your gifts and then turn you down. So just keep your money in your mutual funds, and invest these new skills in getting your sexual satisfaction.

The SIXTH mistake almost all guys make is that they are in too much of a hurry. (This is usually a combined with the third mistake, not paying attention to her.) The single behavior that shoots down more potential seductions and is completely under your control is coming on to a woman too strong. Now the funny part about me telling you that is that you can hear me tell you this, and you'll even nod your head and say, "yeah, dude, I know..." But you still won't stop doing it!

We could go into a whole circular debate over the nature of free will here, but I won't. You need to take both responsibility and control of your actions. When you fail to do what you know you must do, there's a reason. And until you find out what that reason is, you'll probably never change your behavior.

So back to my original point - why do men come on strong to women? (Since this is the one part of your personality that will sabotage all your work unless you can control it.)

It's because we're in a hurry. We lack the self-discipline to slow it down.

Men want quick affection, sex, and security with a woman. And then we want the space and relaxed distance to enjoy it in. Women want space and relaxed distance, and THEN they want affection, sex, and a build-up of trust and security.

Do you see how hurrying a woman ruins your work?

If you come on too strong, she backs off. If you come on paced and easy (which also demonstrates confidence and self-control) she'll go along with you. We'll address the various strategies to avoid coming on too strong as we go through the Method.

Your primary seduction goal is to have as many women as you want in your life. You want to have too many women in your life - so many that you don't have the time to get to them all. That's the place where you have the choice. You have the selection. Your attitude will rise. Setbacks with one woman will not worry you, because you have the supply on your side of the equation. No one woman will mean so much that you get too caught up in your failures. Everything will swing to your favor at this point. Quantity, in seduction, is just as important as quality.

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