Imaginary Competition

Remember to avoid feeling threatened by any competition during your seduction. Just dismiss the thought that there is anyone you ware working against The first reason for this is that the state of attention you are put in when you feel a threat of competition is artificial. You may start to feel the need to hurry up and lock her in. You'll rush and act prematurely. You'll find yourself slipping from feeling laid back and secure to aggressive and destructive. You'll brag. You'll act from a fear of loss. You'll say things that reflect insecurity, and you'll lose her interest.

There are only two possible real situations of competition for you: o There is another man present trying to steal her away (rare) o There is another man (who is not present) who is interested in her

As we go through the strategies in this book, you'll understand that neither situation is cause for you to worry.

1) If there is a man right there with you and your target, you have the confidence of the knowledge you're about to learn to know that you can beat him. (Chances are, he has no idea what he is doing, because he doesn't have this kind of method and discipline.) This is a relatively rare situation.

2) If he's not there with the both of you (an ex-boyfriend or other interest), you only need to keep practicing the foundations of keeping her attention on you and building her attraction. Women have a fantastic way of getting rid of the competition for you if you will only do what helps them find you interesting and challenging.

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