You don't have to feel guilty, shameful, or dirty anymore. I know your secret.

I know what "They" have been telling you, and you've been getting the wrong message this whole time because you thought your desires were "unclean" and "immoral."

What's that secret you're hiding?

You want sex.

You want it. I want it. She wants it. We all want it. Men and women. It's perfectly normal and healthy.

Now there are about 5 or 6 billion people on this planet, and we all evolved away from a tribe of a few hundred thousand that originated in an area that is now Africa. We stood up from being hairy little apes, and we stopped dragging our knuckles, figuring it would be lot funkier to start walking upright. Now, the way we managed this stupendous feat of getting from being those hairy little primates to upright walkers is by having sex. Lots of it. Enough to make cute little babies that grow up and have more sex, and more babies ... And then, suddenly, VOILA! You have evolution. Pretty cool, huh?

I think you see my point. Where we run into problems is when we start wondering, "Gee, golly, my priest/mother/sister/aunt/pastor/friend (choose your source of guilt and judgment) says that sex for any other purpose than procreation is wrong. We'll be banned from Heaven." You mean to tell me that the greatest bonding experience and intimate contact between men and women can only be used to make more people?

Look, I won't judge your religious or moral beliefs. That's not my place. But let me share with you my stance on the topic:

I was brought up Roman Catholic, as most Italians are. I went to church dutifully with my parents each Sunday. But my father was more of a free-thinker. He saw hypocrisy and human weakness corrupting this supposedly "holy" establishment. But he didn't lose faith; he simply questioned the things that other people told him were true. In many cases, those things were very false. As a result, I grew up to question beliefs and what was assumed since birth. It's easy to accept what you're told, because then you don't have to go through the effort of actually thinking.

And there if there is one task a man will go to any lengths to avoid it is thinking for himself.

I decided to explore many different churches on my own, from Lutheran to Pentecostal. They all had one thing in common: Community. And that was where I saw much of the good that these organizations did for their parish as well as their neighborhoods. One thing I did not see much of, however, is toleration and openly accepted differences of opinion. Their Gospel was THE Gospel. No one ever raised his or her hand during a religious sermon to say, "You know, I wonder if that's what that really means. Maybe it really means -" In the end, I realized that as holy as these churches all professed to be, they were all created by men and women.

And, truth be told, most of the people out there (90%+ of the population) is just following the rest of the herd. It takes many years for the voices of reason to get through to the establishment. So old thoughts still persist. Most people still believe -even after decades and decades of research proving otherwise - that colds can be caused by being cold. (Blame your mother for that one. "You'll catch a chill!")

Did you know that your religion is considered an inherited trait by sociologists? They consider something that you can willingly choose to participate in as a trait that you acquire from your parents, and from theirs before.

What does this mean? It means that you are expected to take a belief system from your ancestors and almost never question it. You are expected to accept the rules of that faith, even if you are always feeling a little uneasy inside, that some of what they tell you just doesn't ring true.

Ever notice that these churches always label that small, questioning voice inside of you as "Satan"? If they label your internal compass as some evil entity you can't trust - label it as "bad" - then they can control you and tell you what to think and do.

I'm not telling you to go out and burn your bible or throw away your faith, but I am telling you that if you blindly accept the beliefs that many religions force on you, you will discover that there are many are subtle forms of control at work beneath them.

That being said, you know what? I think all religions have a core of honesty and goodness in them. Unfortunately, through human weakness, we have distorted the true purpose of religion: To help each other lead happy lives, and understand what we're here for.

I think you see where I'm going with this. Sexual morality is highly subjective.

We've seen preachers and Pundits fall from their lofty thrones of gold, people like Jimmy Swaggart and the Jim and Tammy Faye Bakkers. We've seen the scandal of the Catholic Church as it tries to hide the fact that when you suppress your sexuality, you create the very devils you claim to fight.

Marriage? I hope you are aware that marriage is a fairly recent invention in our history. Sex before marriage is (and always has been) fairly commonplace. It's a natural desire for us, as natural as the need for shelter and clothing and social ties.

The problem is that men and women get together for one of two reasons: attraction, or necessity. Every romantic involvement with a woman needs to start with a passionate seduction to satisfy you and her for the long run, much less the short term. I've gotten together with women just because I thought I could have a long-term relationship with them, trying to ignore that I didn't really feel they were sexually exciting. And that came back to bite me on the ass every single time. I'm sure I'm not the only guy that lowered his standards in hopes of making a possible relationship work at one time or another.

Seduction, gentlemen, is not bad.

It is absolutely necessary.

If you're reading this book, I assume you want to learn more about having sex with women. And that's perfectly okay and normal. What I do not suggest is that you use any of these tactics for deceitful or hurtful influence on women. Nor do I want anyone to coerce, force, or use negative manipulation to get sex, or have it indiscriminately or unsafely. You can sleep with women without doing anything deceitful or harmful - to yourself, or her.

Women have always guarded their sexuality. It's been a necessity of evolution, since we were hiding out in caves from mammoths and saber-tooth tigers. A woman could not give herself sexually to a man she didn't think would be capable of supporting her and any child she might have. Her behavior was forged from necessity.

Today, women can engage in sex for pleasure and not worry about pregnancy by using birth control. However, thousands of years of evolution are not cancelled out in just a hundred years of rubbers and pills. But since women haven't caught up to this, we can help them enjoy this freedom and help them overcome their own objections.

Seduction isn't just for a woman you want to sleep with. You can seduce the girlfriend in your life, your wife, or even your friends and family. You can seduce your boss on a great idea that could get you promoted. You can seduce your dog into doing tricks.

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