Its Not What You Say Its HOW You Say It

Throughout this course, you will receive a lot of invaluable information. Some of this information will be my suggested phrasing to use with a woman to keep things moving toward the goal of seducing her and sleeping with her.

These words are only the tip of the iceberg, however, and they're the least important part of your approach. It's much more important that you think about what is being said, and why it's being said than it is to just parrot out a few lines.

There's a Seduction Attitude you have to convey to a woman with your words:

- I might find you attractive, but I also might not.

- If you give me a hard time, I'll drop you so fast your eyes will swim.

- I'm good in bed, and you need to find out for yourself.

- I'm not easy - I've got a lot of self-discipline.

You could say all the right words, but if you don't have your act together with your frame of mind and attitude, a woman will smell it on you like skunk. Women are fine tuned to these behaviors, and she can tell when a man is just putting up a false front as opposed to when he's behaving for real. "For real" comes from a coherent presentation of your self-confidence.

Don't just learn the words. Learn the attitude.

With the attitude, you can use just about any words. But without the attitude, no words will help you.

Demonstrate Your Uniqueness

Here's an example of how to use the conversation to get her interest in you started off right. On the first time you meet a woman, small talk is always what starts things off, and it is necessary for her to feel comfortable talking with you. But you want to take this small talk into exciting places as quickly as possible.

One of the typical interactions usually goes like this:

(Sound of clocks ticking. Silence.)

Him: "So, how about this weather, huh?"

Him: "So, do you come here often?"


This is way too average and typical. You want to start the seduction immediately, and you do this by demonstrating just how interesting your life is, and teasing her with the possibility of being involved in it. Let's try that interaction again:

Him: "Unbelievable. Any better and it would be a sin." (Smiles, but behaves seriously enough that she can believe his day really was unbelievable.)

Her: "Really?"

Him: "Oh, yeah. I've been so busy, but life is exciting. So many things going on. But I'm also wondering how long you intend to just be not bad.' Sounds kind of lame and boring to me."

I think you see the difference there. She's probably immensely curious about what is going on in his life, and she suddenly feels a bit inadequate that she isn't a part of his adventure. What's he doing? Where's he going?

Show her a life that she would want to be a part of, and then make it clear that she's not entitled to a free pass to get in. She has to earn her way. You'll find this infinitely more successful than just handing out free tickets to a movie no one wants to see.

5 Ways to Turn Your Nice Girl Naughty

5 Ways to Turn Your Nice Girl Naughty

You have found a good girl. She's cute, sexy, sweet, caring, funny, faithful... and best of all, she's into you. You've done good! And, your friends are all jealous. Maybe you used some of the powerful attraction and seduction tips from our other reports. Or maybe you're just a natural. Either way, you're happy.

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