Learn Dont Burn

Be very attentive to your technique and style, and that you don't sacrifice your discipline to the Method just because results are not immediate. Take heart in this fact: If you do the right things - the things you are learning in this book - you will be successful. None of this should seem so contrary to your intuition that you find yourself fighting it, though some of it may seem different from what you've been taught. I know that once you've read this material and observed a little more, you'll agree that this was exactly what you suspected was happening under the surface. Most guys see the reality, but they choose to believe in the illusion.

These strategies always work - provided they are performed at the right amount at the right time. You have to learn the timing and how much to dispense. It is most crucial, however, that you take any setbacks in your seductions and learn from them. Don't get angry and beat yourself up because of a failure, or else the failure will have beaten you. You must step back from the emotional part of the situation and look at your setback as a learning experience.

By learning, you will avoid burning yourself out of the game before you have the experience you need. Always return to this book to review your approach, and fine-tune it along the way. Even master black-belt martial artists continue to train and improve, working and refining even their most basic skills.

Seduction Secrets

Seduction Secrets

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