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Another essential strategy you must use is letting the woman think that the things you want are her idea. If she thinks you're the one asking her back to your house, she's going to have a cognitive guard up, making her wonder "What's he after?" On the other hand, if she thinks you're just speaking what she's already thinking, (perhaps things she would never actually say, like "Let's go back to my place") she's much more likely to go along with you. You're just opening the gate to the road in front of her.

You are trying to get her to go along with the seduction by being able to see what she wants, and knowing when she can't take that action herself. Women will very frequently stop from doing what they want because they don't feel they are entitled to go after it themselves. They need someone to make the decision for them, and then that way they can feel that they are free of blame if they were just doing what someone else suggested. This is a rationalization that you can put to your benefit. She won't always make it obvious that she wants to sleep with you, but she may be looking for an excuse to "let it happen." (That way, she doesn't have to feel like a slut, and she can always revise what happened after the fact.) Convenient, wouldn't you agree?

In a personal example, I was once working on intimate contact with a woman on her couch, and things were getting pretty hot. At a certain point, I stopped what we were doing and asked her: "Are you trying to seduce me?" I knew that she was probably starting to wonder if I was seducing her. To this, she was speechless. Finally she said, "Is that what you want?" I didn't reply, and kept going on to complete the seduction. I planted the notion with her that she was seducing me, and eventually she found the whole situation much easier to accept.

When you get to a point where you know she's ready to go further, but you can't figure out how to connect the dots without being too pushy or obvious, you make it seem as if it's her idea to do it. One way that you can suggest going back to either of your homes is to make it seem as if you're reluctant, and then make it seem like it was her idea. (She just wants you to voice her inner desires for her.)

Here's an example of how you might use this:

You're driving back to her place, and you've stopped your car in front of her apartment. You're getting in a little kiss and grope, because she just can't keep her hands off of you. At some point, you break away from her and say, "Oh, all right. I guess I can come in for a minute or two, but I have to leave in a while. You can play me that CD you were telling me about. But, I've got to be up early tomorrow. So no funny stuff, okay? Plus, I could really use a drink of water." Then get out of the car and walk around to let her out. Don't ask permission. Assume the sale.

The key to pulling this off is that she had to have suggested something earlier in your conversation that would require you to come into her apartment, like listening to the CD in the example. It could have been her mentioning that she's got some autographed picture, or some rare trinket she picked up while in France. If you pick up on any opportunities like this in conversation, be sure to store them away for later. Make it a point in your early talks to find something that she's got at her home that you find very interesting and would want to see. That sets the stage for later.

When you think you know what she's thinking - and this will happen when you learn how to read her body language and eyes - you can really start to impress her, as well as further your seduction by being able to find ways to let her think that the things you want are actually her idea. She wants to feel innocent and pure, and won't actually act until you make it all right for her to let herself go.

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