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If there's one thing you can do to increase your abilities with women and survive in the seduction world it's developing a genuine love for women. You love their smell, their touch, their looks, their sounds, and their tastes. And you even have to love the things that are so female, like their tests and their bratty behavior and their insecurities. All of it.

Love women. The good and the bad.

If you go out and do nothing but seek to get laid for the sake of your getting off, you won't survive. And even if you do, you won't survive well. If you've got any women-hating issues in your system, eliminate them now. Get them out of your system. A true seducer is a gentleman, and he adores women for who they are, not for who he wants them to be.

Women have a nature. It's like the fact that the sun shines, and water gets you wet. When you want it to be otherwise, you're just asking for pain. Accept women the way they are and learn to work with their nature. You cannot seduce a woman if you're trying to change her, or if you resent her because of what she is.

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