Memorize this phrasing to use exactly

An alternate approach:

"Hey, you know, we might like to continue this conversation sometime. Write down your email address for me."

If she says she doesn't have a pen, you hand her yours. If she says she doesn't have email, tease her some more: "No email? You didn't just get back from a UFO abduction did you?" Smile. "Here, just give me your home phone." (As she starts writing): "Uhm, your real number, please. I'm just going to call you as soon as I get home and leave a dozen annoying messages on your answering machine." Smile. Take her number and leave. Don't tell her you'll call her. Leave her wondering.

That's it. You disarm her defenses by keeping a sense of humor. You show self-confidence and challenge her by teasing a little. Then you ask for what you want, and then you leave. You're a busy guy, with too many women to meet to waste any time here.

Details: That should give you more than enough detail on how to work this approach for any cold contact. Be simple and direct, and most importantly, be confident with your words and manner. This teasing technique is used in almost every one of these approaches.

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