At some point, you should find out what your target's modality of learning is: auditory, kinesthetic, or visual. Most people have a sense that they prefer to use when it comes to their learning style. We all use our hearing, sight, or touch in some way to learn and understand new material. We use them all at one point or another, but just about everyone has one mode of learning they use most of the time. You can figure out which modality it is by listening to how she describes things. Here are a few examples:

o Kinesthetic: "That just doesn't feel right to me." "Oh, that feels so cold and depressing." "I can't come to grips with that." "I can't touch that idea."

This person is typically a kinesthetic learner. Recognize her by the tactile words she uses. She learns by doing or touching. She probably likes handholding and hugging to establish security. She will also like to fidget by playing with things, like her straw, or toy with the buttons on her jacket. Her hobbies will probably revolve around her modality, too, such as working with crafts, or sculpting.

o Auditory: "That just doesn't click." "That just doesn't sound right." "I hear what you're saying."

These keywords tip you off that she is mostly auditory. The words that highlight hearing are used most frequently. She learns by hearing instructions. This type of woman is very suggestive and responds well to NLP techniques.

o Visual: "I see what you're saying." "That's not the way I see it." "Looks good to me."

This person is showing a disposition to visual modes of learning. Even when referring to words or sounds, she will use the word "see" as in the first example. She probably uses a lot of visual words, like "sparkling" and "bright." She learns by seeing, or reading instructions with diagrams. She is probably also very fashion and appearance conscious, judging things by what she sees.

Understanding a woman's modality not only helps you communicate better with her about sex (finding out if talking dirty, watching porn, or dancing close will excite her), but also what she will respond to in conversation.

For example:

o Use magic on the women that are visual o Use your speech and charged words on the auditory ladies o And use your sense of touch - palm reading and kino - on the kinesthetic women

The next section details kinesthetics, since it is one of the most important NLP techniques to utilize in your seduction. I recommend you learn how to use this particular method on ah of your targets, since it is a common base of modality for all women.

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