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In the end, that's all it really is. You're going to help her overcome her natural defenses so that she will willingly jump with you into bed.

You are forging an intimate connection between you and her, which will actively exhilarate and stimulate her brain (and eventually her body) so that you both can enjoy the pleasures of sex. Once she gets to this point with you, it's a mutual benefit.

Remember: A woman is not attracted to you based solely on appearance. Your looks are definitely not what will get you laid. They can help with initial attraction (and sometimes they can actually work against you if you're really good looking.) But her attraction for you is in direct proportion to how good you make her feel.

Seduction is only a developed set of skills that allows you to get a woman to overcome her own psychological defense mechanisms and get her into bed.

Seduction is not magic!

Seduction is, at its core, a game. A highly pleasurable, and exciting game of interaction between the sexes. When you learn how to play it, and play it well, you will find that when you win, she wins, and vice-versa. You share your pleasure. On the other hand, when you lose, she loses, because no one is able to enjoy the fruits of victory.

Use this understanding to drive you toward committing The Seduction Method to heart.

Think of a time when you knew and believed in something so completely that you couldn't stand the thought of not proving it to your friends, or your family. You went to outrageous lengths to make them understand, and in the end, you probably won. Maybe it was something you saw on television that they didn't believe. Whatever it was, you had an incredible power of belief behind you. You knew you were right.

When you can take this kind of conviction - that you have something incredibly valuable for her to indulge in - and communicate it to her, you will be able to present your seduction convincingly and successfully. The best salesmen believe in their products. The best ministers believe in their sermons.

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