Now The Positive Areas for Kino

The difference between good and bad kino is very subjective, as well as finely differentiated. One woman's good can easily be another woman's bad.

As you start to warm up to each other, you should make one or two small kino maneuvers. The best one is a simple - and brief - touch to her arm or shoulder.

For example: If you're getting up to go get another drink, start to walk around her, and then place your hand on her back gently as you ask her if there's anything you can get her. Remove your hand after a couple seconds. Don't linger too long, or you'll defuse the power and possibly risk her discomfort. Or, let's say you're out walking with her and you cross a street. Make a show of offering her your arm. She will be impressed.

In order to keep a seduction working progressively forwards, you have to keep the dance of attraction moving back and forth. You touch her a little, then you back off to let her wonder. Then you move back in when you sense that she's ready for more, then you back off after a while. Wait until you can sense more desire, then you come back in, going even further. Then you cut her off before she has a chance to get overloaded.

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