One Night Stands

Let me tell you one thing right now: Women are almost never interested in a one-night stand with any man. If you were to stand at a bus stop and ask every woman that passed by if she would sleep with you tonight, I doubt you'd get one in a hundred that would take you up on it.

A woman's mental circuitry is setup so that she guards her sexual intimacy. She protects it as if it is sacred. She doesn't want to feel like a "slut" or as if she's "promiscuous." She's also got some safety concerns, since you could be a psycho rapist like all the ones she hears about in the newspapers and on TV crime shows.

If you're expecting to get laid with every woman on the first time you meet them, you will be in for a very tough time. Instant gratification is encouraged by our society, even when it is not realistic.

That being said, you can have occasional one-night stands, otherwise known by the more modern term: "sleeping with her on the first date." It does and probably will happen to you in the course of dating many women. The point is that you should not expect it, or you will give off too much of a player attitude, which kills women's attraction. You want to have the understated attitude of a guy who can sneak in under her radar and lead her to the bedroom without her thinking you're just looking to have sex with her.

The better approach is to meet as many women as you possibly can, and work at seducing many different women at the same time. What you'll find is that you won't have as much pressure to make any one woman your goal, so you'll be much more relaxed across the board. The women will pick up on this, and you'll probably get many more women into bed than you would have if you had just pursued one at a time. You'll avoid the "beggars can't be choosers" mentality that makes so many men settle for what they get.

(See the "Waterfall Principle" earlier in the book.)

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