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Women are aware of the sexual potential of a full-on massage. You should reach in and just start rubbing her neck at the first opportunity - but only if she's been giving you clear buying signals beforehand. Just say, "You look a little tense," as you reach in and rub her shoulders. Occasionally caress the neck zone I reference above, but don't stay on any spot for too long.

Another area of Kino that I mentioned above is the use of her personal space. Don't ignore the fact that carefully intrusions in her personal space can be just as intriguing as actually touching her, and probably more so because it enhances the response potential. Lean into her space on occasion and pull back out of it. This will tease and tantalize her. Make it appear accidental at first.

You can find many other reasons to get closer, such as reaching for something that you know will put you into her personal space. Again, be tasteful, not lewd with the way you handle these. Be sure to say, "Pardon me." You might even make it look like you got close intentionally to see what her reaction would be.

One of the best ways to get in closer is by using the whisper tactic. During a social gathering of some kind, if you can find a good excuse to do so, lean in a bit and beckon her closer. Whisper something into her ear. A conspiratorial tone serves to create a little moment between you, as well as getting her to anticipate being closer to you. You'll also be able to sense her comfort level with you by how she handles the sudden closeness. Some women will just turn their ear toward you, while others will put a hand on your shoulder and let you get very close with your lips.

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