Places To Touch After Youve Established Her Attraction

Back of neck: This is an erogenous zone for just about all the women I've known. It's just in the area where their hair starts to thin out. I have a theory that this is linked to how we were cradled by our parents as infants, and it gives us a sense of security and safety. Almost every woman I've been with melts when you run your fingers into her hair from the back of her neck. Stroking this area with your fingertips is also a great way to give her tingles. Don't over-stimulate this area, because it can become ticklish very quickly.

If you've seen the movie "Body Heat," there's a scene where Kathleen Turner holds her hair up and wipes the sweat from the back of her neck, and the sight of it gets just about every guy excited.

Face: Brushing the back of your hand against her cheek is a bit corny, but any gentle contact with her face is very charged. Use this sparingly, and with a strong gaze into her eyes, and she'll melt into your arms. If you can accidentally brush her cheek with yours when leaning in to whisper to her, you'll get her very excited.

Overall, a head massage is an extremely erotic maneuver, if she's willing. You gently apply pressure to her scalp, working all through her hair, as well as her temples, and the bundle of nerves behind her ears. Go delicately with the pressure.

Earlobes: Sure, it's a cliché, but gently nibbling on her earlobes combined with a bit of breathing in her ear is a fantastic approach for when you've already kissed and now you want to drive up her excitement. (See the Whisper tactic below.) Sucking on the ear is good, as well as licking the outside of the ear, and maybe even inside. But don't leave a trail of spit behind like a dog that's just licked her; just moisten her up a little bit. When you're in bed with her, biting her ears gently can drive her wild.

Lips: Lips on lips, the best of all touches. If you struggle with kissing get some coaching. Nothing will get a woman tingling inside faster than a slow, soulful kiss. One of the best ways to stir up anticipation is to go in for the kiss, and if you see that she's willing, just brush her lips with yours and pull away. Tell her, "Mmm. Maybe later."

Refer back to the kissing rules and tips in Step 3 of the Progression.

Feet: If you haven't seen "Pulp Fiction," you need to rent it just for the discussion of foot massages. When John Travolta and Samuel Jackson discuss the merits and dangers of giving foot massages with women, they hit it right on the head: Every foot massage has some sexual suggestiveness in it. Rubbing her feet is a highly charged activity that is very provocative, but it goes unspoken, and therein lies the beauty. Rub her feet with oil and she may beg you to move it somewhere further up.

5 Ways to Turn Your Nice Girl Naughty

5 Ways to Turn Your Nice Girl Naughty

You have found a good girl. She's cute, sexy, sweet, caring, funny, faithful... and best of all, she's into you. You've done good! And, your friends are all jealous. Maybe you used some of the powerful attraction and seduction tips from our other reports. Or maybe you're just a natural. Either way, you're happy.

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