Principle Reduce Your Availability And Increase Your Perceived Desirability

You cannot appreciate that which you get for free. Your time, your energy, your whole fantastic world must have a price of admission for her to pay, or she will never adequately appreciate you or understand the threat of losing you.

Also, resist the urge to reassure her when she seems uncertain. Men tend to misinterpret a woman in the ecstasy of uncertainty as needing assurance that the man will be there or is interested in her. The man then proceeds to tell her everything, hoping that if he reassures her enough, she'll fall in love. It works in exactly the opposite way. You don't tell her anything.

Remember: The more you make things definite and certain for a woman, the less mystery and wonder you leave her with, and you will reduce her attraction. Only an extremely insecure woman needs to be reassured constantly.

Confidence kills excitement.

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Seduction Secrets

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