Principle Scarcity and Appreciation

Human beings appreciate what is rare. Diamonds are worth money because they are relatively scarce. Paintings by dead artists are valuable because there will never be any more painted by that person; there is a fixed quantity of their work available. In essence:

We are hard-wired to want what we cannot have.

Another important part of scarcity is the perception of scarcity. If you have to work hard to get something, it is appreciated more. Simply because, if you can't get it easily it must be rare - and therefore it has value. Think of all those popular Christmas toys that sell out each year. Every parent sells their soul to get one for their kids, and the stores raise the prices accordingly. The toys are scarce, and you pay the price.

You're familiar with the "rich kid" syndrome. We'll use Stevie as an example. This is the kid who was born into a family with money, and his parents gave him everything as a child (probably under the misguided notion that they can give him a better childhood than theirs by spoiling him.) Stevie gets a BMW for his eighteenth birthday. Whenever you ride in it, the car is always dirty and never kept up, hamburger wrappers and trash all over the place. The oil is never changed, and the car never gets a tune-up. Stevie proceeds to wrap this nice car around a telephone pole a few months after he gets it. The whole time you shake your head at what an idiot he is.

Stevie didn't appreciate his car because it took no effort or work to get it or to keep it. It's the same thing for seduction and you, my friend. If you do not make yourself hard enough to get with the woman you are seducing, you will be taken for granted. If she thinks you're common, she'll treat you common. And if you treat yourself as if you're rare, she will too. It's human nature, and you cannot argue it away.

This is the entire psychology behind the female ploy of playing hard-to-get. It works, and it works every time. She has to feel lucky to be with you. Perception of scarcity (and value) can be controlled, and it's up to you to control your perceived value in the stock market of seduction.

Here's how you drive this perception up:

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