Principle The Phases Of Becoming A Seduction Master

Here are the simple steps to becoming a master of seduction. This is the overview of The Seduction Method, but not the specific process of the Method itself. We'll go into detail of the actual process of seduction in the next section.

1) Prepare for seduction: Be the kind of man who seduces women. Have your world prepared, from your thinking to your physical world.

2) Target and interact with seduction targets: Get out of the bleachers and out on the field. Get in the game. Take each seduction to its conclusion.

3) Learn and build your experience to improve and succeed: Take your successes and your failures to build your belief in yourself and your tangible skills so that you improve every single time.

You don't have to sit down and chant to yourself every night, or change your personality. You just have to prepare, engage, progress, and learn with every encounter, and you will have unprecedented success.

PRINCIPLE: The Seduction Dance

In order to keep a woman feeling an attraction and pulled forward towards you, you've got to be willing to give her some space to feel like she has room to step in your direction. If your seduction is a non-stop assault, constantly coming at her with a steamroller affect, she's going to freak and back off. This is another way to describe the Seduction Foundation regarding escalating excitement. Just like sex, your seduction must move forward to an almost intolerable peak of excitement, and then back off for a while. Then, just as she's feeling the emptiness of withdrawal, you bring the excitement back in, and turn it up even higher, before slowing to give her a chance to breathe again.

If you were to represent her excitement level over time in a chart, this is what it would look like:

Excitement Phase
(*Note: The blue line represents the excitement level needed for "friendship.")

As you can see, you can maintain an escalating level of sexual passion by backing off after you make some progress, giving her some space to want you more, and then renewing your seduction. This time scale is relative, meaning that this pattern can be done in one night, or stretched out over several weeks. The key is to keep the energy pattern moving as you see it in the graph.

Up, up, up - back off - up, up, up - back off, up, up... and so on.

This keeps you from overwhelming her and breaking her threshold of excitement where she puts on the brakes. When you've push her too far too fast, you'll have about as much chance of getting her to sleep with you as .

. flying pink elephants .

Here's what a failure typically looks like:

Seduction Failure

Seduction Failure

Excitement Phase Males

So what happened? Well, this guy went too aggressively at the start, jacking the excitement up to her peak level (around 100 on the graph) and her mental defense system switched over and slammed on the brakes.

She realized, "Oh, my gosh! If this keeps up, I'm going to have sex with him! Then I'll be a slut, because sluts sleep with men too soon. I think I need to stop. I mean, am I ready? Is he a player? Will he just dump me and hurt me? I'm not really ready. I better stop this now."

If you move too fast, you overwhelm her. You also ignore that she will start wondering about you if she isn't allowed to take some initiative for herself in the seduction. If she doesn't get to come up for air on occasion, her ability to trust will be inhibited and she'll halt the proceedings.

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