Role Reversal

There is a tease strategy that works wonders with women, and it's called the Role-reversal. The best part of this strategy is that it can be used in almost any conversation.

Most women are used to the following stereotypes of men:

- Men are preoccupied thinking about sex

- Men always judge a woman by her appearance and body

- Men always want fast sex without any commitment

If you can reverse this stereotype so that it looks as if you're playing the female role and she is the dirty-minded man putting the moves on you, you will appear as a challenge to her. Women love this tactic, and it always works. Even better, it always comes across as funny to them, too.

The way to joke using the Role-reversal is:

- "Hey, did you just look at my butt? Is that all you women look at on a man is his backside? What about my mind?"

- "I'm so shocked you said that! I'm still a virgin, and that is corrupting my family values."

- "Hey, I'm not one of those guys you can just pick up on. I'm not easy, you know."

- "I'm just so tired of women wanting me for my body. They don't want to get to know me and see what a wonderful person I am inside."(Do this one with a fake sniffle and you'll get a guaranteed laugh.)

Some things you should remember never to tease her about: o Her body (any part of it), especially features that stand out o Her intelligence o Her friends (their looks or personalities) o Any area that you suspect might be sensitive for her

And just to be sure you heard me the first time:

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