Seduction is the Wrong Goal The Six Big Mistakes In Seduction

I already know your FIRST mistake before we even start: You've been aiming for the wrong goal this whole time.

What do I mean by this? If you want to have true success in getting women to go to bed with you, getting laid can't be your only goal. I know this sounds contrary to what you might believe, but it's true. If you set your sights on just getting a woman into bed, she will smell your agenda, and you'll fail. You have to really pay attention to how you're making her feel.

Women lack good role models. There is, in general, a female identity problem. They do not know who they are, or what a good woman is anymore. Her worth is in question because all the things she previously used to define herself are no longer used.

Seduction Secrets

Seduction Secrets

You will discover some underground techniques that have been kept secret from you, and from other men, for a long time! This report is about to reveal those closely-guarded secrets -- so that you can wield the kind of seductive power that very few men have! Even if you're pretty good at seducing women right now, these secrets will take you up to a whole new level of power and success!

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