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There are some critical concepts you must understand when you set out to seduce women, and they relate to some universal human needs and behaviors. I'm explaining these with the assumption that knowledge of them could be abused, but that you would never use them to manipulate or coerce a woman. These principles will help you see how you react to women, as well as how they react to you.

PRINCIPLE: Find The Fun In It

Nothing will burn you out quicker than trying to go too far with women too fast, and feeling like the process of seduction is more a chore than it is fun. You have to keep this from feeling like work.

Unless you're one of the rare few people who enjoys his job, you probably don't wake up with a whole lot of enthusiasm for getting ready, commuting to your office, and slaving through the day to five o'clock, or whatever time you get done. All through the day, I'm sure you find ways to break the monotony, even if it's just shooting the breeze with a couple guys over a coffee. We always find a way to make it fun, without quitting. If you don't, you go crazy.

Keep this process FUN - at all costs. If you push too hard, or make the Method feel more like work than play, you will not be rewarding yourself and working agains reinforcing the right habits. You'll get burned out in a couple weeks and start to hate women. And nothing will destroy your game quicker.

If you have to, set very low goals to start. Maybe this week it's just getting a couple phone numbers from women you run into regularly. Next week will be about getting a meeting with each of them. Start with what you can manage. Small steps.

When each step in the Method that you're working on starts to feel easy, it's time to move up to the next level and challenge yourself a little. Don't expect to read this information and apply it all the next time you meet a woman. You have to build up to it. Arnold Schwarzenegger didn't become a bodybuilding champion overnight. Every skill takes some time to get good at.


Guys are prone to worry a lot about what other women think of them, or what will go wrong during their attempts to meet women and get laid. Most of these worries are what hold us back from success in seduction.

There is only one thing to be said about worries: In a world where death is inevitable, why would you worry about anything?

The ultimate failure isn't that we won't succeed - it's that we won't have tried enough before we die. It sounds grim, but it's reality. No failure with a woman will kill you, so you have to learn how to put your worries aside. When you feel worried or anxious about a seduction situation, it's only because you haven't learned enough. If you have a problem taking it from a conversation to kissing, you just need new skills to take you to the next level. You learn how to build bridges between each stage.

There's no cure for birth or death, save to enjoy the interval.

PRINCIPLE: She Always Does What She Really Wants To Do

Have you ever heard someone telling you about how they had to do something they didn't "want" to do? Most of the time this is said after the fact, as a way of disowning their responsibility for doing something. "That's not what I wanted." "I didn't want to do that."

The reality is that unless there is someone with a gun to the back of your head, you are doing what you truly want to do. When you sleep with a woman, you need to understand that she wants to. As long as you are not using outright deceit or force, you are both doing what it is you really want to do. If she didn't want to sleep with you, she can always push away and say, "No, I won't."

Women are experts at ducking out responsibility for their actions. (Many men are, too.) They have a superb technique for doing this, and it's called the "I don't know what I want" tactic. You see, a woman will avoid committing herself to telling you what it is she really wants for as long as humanly possible, because that gives her a blank check to do whatever she wants. After all, if she doesn't know what she wants, how can

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you hold her responsible for any kind of error? Indecision leaves her options open, just the way she likes them. When you never decide what you want, anything goes.

She can dump you because she "doesn't know what she wants," and that's okay, because she just acted out of ignorance.

Pretty lame, huh?

I suggest you allow yourself this kind of flexibility in your seductions. You can pursue this goal of sex with women without having to commit yourself to any one, and there's nothing wrong with it. Many guys fool themselves into thinking they "want" a long-term relationship with a woman that sleeps with them because that is what they supposedly "want."

I'm here to tell you that most people are running around, acting at random in their lives, without knowing what they want or the results they desire.

And it's equally okay for you to not know if you want a steady monogamous relationship.

You have decided that, by getting this Seduction Method, you want to be able to sleep with women. Let her make her own decision about what she wants. Let go of any guilt or shame you may feel about going after what you want.

She does what she does willingly. We are not puppets. Everyone does what he or she really wants, whether they say so or not. If they wanted something else, they would have done something else. So there's nothing wrong with sleeping with women, as long as you do not deceive or intentionally cause her pain.

PRINCIPLE: Pain/Pleasure

This is the ultimate human motivational mechanism, and the most basic. It explains the reason that most people aren't more successful with women, too, because if they were willing to take a small amount of pain, their pleasure would multiply tenfold.

If there's one understanding about our mental processes that you absorb, it's this:

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