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A competent seducer also knows when to give up on a target. The rule of Sunk Cost says that no matter how much you may have invested in a seduction, if you decide that the probability for success is low, you must back off and let it go. You can't recover any of your lost energy. You will only be throwing more valuable time away if you keep pursuing where you don't have potential.

One of the most important reasons you need to be able to stop and redirect your energies is that if you chase too many losing prospects, your attitude will suffer, and your confidence will lower as a result. And when your confidence lowers, you'll go into a slump, and your entire ability to seduce and bed women will vanish.

I'm sure you've seen this happen when an athlete experiences a slump. A professional baseball player goes into a season with a few hits, but suddenly they start striking out. Before you know it, their average has dropped from .337 to .180, and no one knows what is going on. Well, what has happened is that he's lost his confidence, and he can't play at the top of his game when his mental game is shattered.

So don't let any single seduction matter so much to you that you start to sell your own self-esteem along the way. You want a woman that is obtainable, and there are some frustrating women out there that love to tease and control men. You must be able to figure out when a woman is taking you for a ride and when to cut your losses.

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