Seduction Rule The Fickle Factor

In all seductions, you must realize that there is always an unpredictable element that can jump in at any point in the game and kill your seduction. I call this the Fickle Factor. There's nothing you can do about it when it strikes. (It lies outside your sphere of influence and control.) It typically shows up when you sense a woman is "weirding out" on you.

For example:

Bill had been talking with Rosalia for an hour. He met her while shopping at a local electronics store where she was looking for a new stereo. He stepped in and helped her avoid the pushy salesmen in the store, and he took the opportunity to start teasing her and charming her. She responded well, and he suggested that they go get a smoothie at a local Jamba Juice. Rosalia went along, and they sat outside talking. Things were going well, and she had even started touching him and holding his hand after he had done a quick palm reading on her. He knew it would be pushing too hard to ask her to come back to his place to see his stereo setup, so he decided that he'd leave her while she was still wanting more. (Besides, he had a meeting setup later that night.) Bill asked her for her phone number. Rosalia immediately pulled back and became very distant. She made up a hurried excuse about having to be somewhere, checking her watch, and then she thanked Bill and walked off in a hurry.

A lot of guys have this sort of thing happen and wonder, "What the &%@# just happened?" I'll tell you from experience that it's very disturbing.

The truth is, there was nothing wrong with his approach or his seduction strategy. It worked flawlessly. But the Fickle Factor reared its ugly head.

What was up with Rosalia? Just about anything is possible.

- She could have been unhappily married and just toying with the idea of stepping out on her husband.

- She may have had some severe trust issues.

- She might have only wanted to flirt, but when she realized that this could go further, she freaked.

- She could be a nut case.


Ultimately, it doesn't matter what her problems were, as long as you can still separate the fact that there is always a random element in every seduction that you cannot control. That's the Fickle Factor. Sometimes your performance is dead-on perfect, and you just have to take heart in the fact that the circumstances weren't quite right.

Simply throw your hands up, and let it go. There are so many women out there in the world, you don't have the time to cry over the one that got away. You'll just be stealing precious time from the next one that you do succeed with.

Your battle cry is, "Next!"

You miss an opportunity - "Next!"

You call her and she doesn't call you back - "Next!"

You are always ready to move on.


Targeting requires some skill, contrary to what you may think. You just can't pick at random. If you are looking to seduce and bed every woman you come in contact with, it may prove a noble goal, but not very realistic. You have to learn how to target a woman that is not only interesting to you, but is capable of being seduced. Some of these targeting skills overlap with your second stage, Progression. You do not commence your seduction until you are confident that you are working with a suitable target.

Here are the characteristics you should look for in a target:

Happy, but not too happy. Women who are depressed or otherwise emotionally distracted will be more difficult to reach. However, if she is just slightly preoccupied with something (and does not dwell on it all the time) you have an opportunity to be the man who takes her mind off her woes. She will pay you handsomely for that feat. Just be aware that eventually her concerns will return.

You're looking for constructive discontent No one is happy with the way things are. Everyone is looking for the greener grass. But those with the grass that is in bad shape will be more interested in your style of lawn care.

Stable - There are as many unstable women out there as there are men. There are many who argue that there are more unstable women due to the complex emotional lives they lead. You should do your best to avoid a woman who is emotionally handicapped, because your strategies will have inconsistent results, and you will begin to doubt your abilities rather than her responsiveness - and it's not you that's at fault.

Available/Open - There are many women you will encounter out there who are not available to you for whatever reason. Some will be happily married. Others will be happily dating someone else. Still others will just not be interested in you. Just remember to focus on the areas that you can control or influence, and don't get lost in the zone outside of them. In order for a seduction to occur, you must choose a target that is available and open to your advances. You can usually figure this out within the first couple minutes of talking with her, and when you get experienced, you'll sometimes be able to tell just by watching her body language for a while.

Your goal in this step is to find her and qualify her as a suitable candidate for seduction. You do this by testing her. And you always remember that it is your prerogative to drop her at any time if you feel like it. You control the situation.

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