Seduction Strategy Have a Wingman

If you've seen the movies "Top Gun" or "Pearl Harbor," you probably know what the concept of a wingman is in aerial combat. You have someone you can trust to cover your tail in any situation, and to assist each other along the way. It's also a sound strategy to have in singles combat, too. There are numerous benefits to having one or more guys with you that can assist in your seduction situations. Here are just a few:

❖ "Watch my six": Most women do not go out alone. They usually have at least one friend with them, and they often choose friends who are not as attractive as they are to help boost their esteem and chances at getting a guy. (Though, they'd never admit this.) Sometimes the women they bring are nice enough, and they'll even help things along - to a point. If your target's friend (or wing-woman) senses that you're trying to seduce her friend, she could cockblock you from getting a score. You need someone to keep her occupied so that she doesn't interfere with your work.

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❖ Backup: Sometimes the woman you're interested in is with a group of friends, and it's easier to break into their clique by having someone on your side. You won't feel as alone or intimidated.

❖ Support. You don't have to feel like you're going solo every time you go out. Having a friend with you for moral support is a good way to avoid the bitterness that can come from too many nights out and not enough results.

❖ Learning: You want someone you can fly with that can show you a few new maneuvers. Don't ever underestimate the value of hanging out with an experienced seducer. On the other hand, do not hang with a wingman that is significantly less experienced than you are. He will cripple you by not understanding how The Seduction Method works. Give each other feedback on improving your game.

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