Seduction Strategy Recovery Excuse Yourself And Try Again

As I think I've told you about a hundred times now, it's always best to go as slow as necessary to never wake the sleeping guard dogs in her mind. You don't want to break the illusion of seduction you are creating. However, when you do make a mistake, or if you push her too far, too fast, you need an effective strategy to recover. The best way to do this is to do the following:

First of all, don't seem too apologetic. You don't want her thinking you are calculating this too much, nor do you want to come across as seeming too guilty - as if you've been caught with your hand in the cookie jar. You want it to appear that this level of intimacy is where you feel comfortable getting to with her. It's natural and not strange at all.

Make it seem like it's her fault things got a little out of control. After all, you couldn't help yourself, and she's put you under some kind of spell that briefly overpowered you.

Always claim that these circumstances and this situation are unique. This is where I will use the typical female line, "I can't believe I'm doing this!" against her. You make her think that this situation has you behaving out of the ordinary.

Turn the situation around so that it seems like she's the one up to no good.

Here's an example, after Nina pulls your hand out of her bra:

"Wow, I'm sorry about that. What came over me? I never do this with anyone so quick. It's just that you're so much more interesting than most of the women I meet. What are you trying to do, seduce me?"

Some things that you should never do if she puts on the brakes: o Act childish or hurt o Act as if she's done something wrong or bad o Get pissed off or angry o Force her to go on anyway

It's not too hard to recover if you slip up. Just be sure to make her feel good about where you are, and then you can resume where you left off. Just be aware that you may have to slow down even more, because those guard dogs always sleep with one eye open after they've been woken up the first time.

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